XU Nursing Student’s experience

The recent announcement of the November 2015 Philippine Nursing Licensure exam, led to fame of the few universities in the country, including my Alma Mater bagging 100 percent passing rate with 2 top notchers. Truly, nursing as a profession which brings a great responsibility towards the health care providers, hand in hand a great feeling of fulfillment that care was given to patients in times they call for help.

Having a license to Nurse is a great deal to every nursing student out there. The license we have aimed for, symbolizes the hard work, sacrifices and nights of studying we did just for this profession. Some people may say “being a nursing student is more difficult than being a nurse already”.

One example of which is the experience of this student nurse from my Alma Mater – Xavier University. Last Tuesday, January 26 between 4:30 to 5:00 AM – this second year Nursing Student just experience a traumatic event on the hands of a thief. Her bag was attempted to be abducted from her. She narrated that the she resisted the unknown thief which dragged across few meters. The scuffle led the student nurse wounded with few bruises and teared up duty uniform.




Nursing students from 2nd year to 3rd year is given two duty days per week (16 hours per week). Some of which is assigned on morning shifts which requires them to arrive at the hospital before the call time. On or before 6 AM, every nursing student is expected to be in the hospital already.

The time of which every nursing student starts to travel from their house to their designated hospital (5AM to 6AM) increases their susceptibility to encounter these danger.

Hand in hand, approximately 70-80 percent of the the Nursing population is predominantly women. For 3 years, 2-3 times a week, this routine is practiced by every nursing student.

In those three years, surely every nursing student has a story to tell and this nursing student who had experienced such traumatic event is one of them.

This has an alarming implication towards the College of Nursing administration. As a community of educators – safety of its students is one of its priorities yet in contrary the quality of education should not be jeopardized.

Behind every nursing student out there, has a story to share. Outrageous hospital experiences and most traumatic events just like this. We grow in a perilous yet fulfilling, and humble world.


To everyone: be careful! Be vigilant! Stay safe!

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-Photos Credits to Ms. Nabila Dipatuan



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