I am the type of person, who goes to Facebook and just scrollin’ until I bore myself. I came across numbers of posts each day. A video post, a rant post, a picture post, or a link post. It’s a lot each day! But has it ever been a time that you came across a post when/where it is Mother’s/Father’s day or maybe Grandparents day, a Birthday or whatever, and a person post a picture of his/her mother or father and the caption would “This person is the best…” Or maybe “mom/dad i love you, Happy Birthday”. Well first of all that’s totally fine! What is not fine is when people posting those shit and then the person that their referring to has NO Facebook or any way that they could see that post and all the sweet words in it! Hold yo tits! Say whuut?! If you want to say something to a person who in the first place doesn’t have a Facebook. Why don’t you say it PERSONALLY instead?

Here’s one more, someone dies in a family or relative, and people keep posting of status’ about how sad they were and how they will miss the person. Well, maybe one post is OKAY, but if every now and then you keep on posting those SHITS, “to get sympathy”?? Well, i hope the person who just died will get peace and his/her soul will raise up from the purgatory to heaven from all the LIKES and “condolence” comment you will get from that post. 

Lastly, shout out to those people, who makes some social services like giving food for the poor, educating the street children, giving feedings to a community, thinking “they’d done something good” YET taking pictures of the ACT and posting it on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Hell motha of fow! You’re no different to the politicians giving relief goods and on the packaging of the relief good theres a printed word “BINAY” or “Happy Fiesta – a message from governor ✌🏻”.

If giving or sending compassion and love is your thing, does the whole world needs to know? I know a few who celebrates their birthday feeding a community without posting it on the social media, a few you greets someone special at midnight without telling their bunch of friends how cool they were, or a few who experienced loss yet seeks no sympathy but empathy. 

“Seek Respect, not Attention : it lasts Longer” -from somebody i googled

*** To those grammar freaks : “oraaaayt!”


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