My Goals

I am 21 years old. At this age, i gained my License as a Nurse. I was never been this proud having finished everything at such a young age, I thank God for that. For some, they may say i am still too young, and i am blessed to achieve these things. Yet as philosophy about man goes – “we never get satisfied“. I am a kind of person who tries to take two steps ahead and plans my future step by step. So let me share a list of plans i have been thinking for the years to come, here we go:

I am forever grateful to my brain, for passing the Philippine Nursing Licensure Exam just one month right after i graduated in nursing school. Yep! Fresh graduate, then few months after – fresh Nurse at your service. Off-course life’s stuff here in the Philippines, I have never thought on working for good here – i need to seek for greener pasture. Sad but true – i need to work and battle the real world after battling my grades in nursing school. Nationalism and patriotism should be set aside for now, because i need to be successful in my field. Now, i am currently reviewing for my NCLEX exam, which will take place few months from now. I need to pass it, and hopefully maybe it would be the last time i will use my brain for studying, or would be the last time burning the midnight oil.

This might happen earlier than you can ever thought of. I just took this as one of the option recently. A double edge sword to have a Canadian girlfriend. First, it would be of our advantage to work together as a nurse outside the country sooner than anybody here in the Philippines, but secondly on the other side of the sharp edge,  there might be a BIG possibility for her to go to Canada first for few agonizing months, so she can sponsor me. So yeah, this serves as a step stone to our dreams together.

In God’s will when we have a job and a place to stay, I’m going to save up like hell! I think everybody has this in mind. Well, include me! Saving up money, it will surely procure other dreams i have. Build our dream house, no, no… What i’m going to do first is buy all the cool gadgets in the world! That is what i have been wanting since the dawn of time. And most especially, save a lot to sponsor my family from the Philippines. A bit ambitious huh? But if there’s a will, there’s a way.

I have been so business minded since i was still in highschool, when we were exposed to entrepreneurship. Building a business is my thing, finding profit on everything is one of the things I love to do. I am looking forward to make a good Restaurant business. Who doesn’t love food? I want to cook, serve and make people’s belly happy. Arrive hungry, Leave happy. Maybe that would be a good tag line for the future business. Copyrights.

Fascinated, yet, knows few about stock market, i know it is the best business in the world. I am planning someday if money is just around my backyard, then i would be entering to stock market. Invest a good deal, and make money even when sleeping. Livin’ like Bill Gates. It is still farfetched off course, but who knows, investing can be a small amount of money for now, being a reasonable risk taker sometimes and do some trial and error. Looking forward to this, because it is the real deal. Tesla on the way!

Never thought about retiring yet. Maybe i’m too young to think about it for now. Maybe if i turned as an old adult someday then i’ll think of resting and not working anymore. But for now, neh! I’ll stay focus on short term goals.

That was few? Yes, some say, the more you prepare a lot of stuffs, the more you don’t get finish or achieve something. I will keep my head on the goals – short term goals. Because in the end, the “now” is what matters the most. Taking it easy one at a time, slowly but surely and eyeing on the target and never loosing sight to your goals – that’s how to make yourself a successful person and satisfied person in LIFE.

“Better to aim high and miss, than to aim Low and hit” 


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