Ways to avoid getting Mugged

The crimes committed around us are improving and robbers are innovating new ways to rob individuals like you. They snatch your valuable stuffs, your money or your expensive gadgets – it is a total loss. The increase number of these bad elements in our surroundings led us to one resolution but to be more vigilant and also procure ways to keep ourselves safe.

In this article, I will be listing few tips on how to avoid getting rob (“rob” No hidden Hugot Lines **Valentines Day soon)

These are tried and tested procedures to keep you and your things safe, thus alienating you from danger.




This is one of the most fundamental “DO’s” every person should remember – “always look back” like literally. Whether you are taking a stroll at broad day light, at night, outside school campus, or at the mall – always remember to look back! This is an effective way to be more aware of our surroundings. It gives us constant perspective on our blind spot – which is our back. And always remember, sometimes they creep where we least expect them to show.



Have you ever experienced when as you arrive your destination – your stuffs are lost which you have placed on your end smallest pocket of your bag. Jansport bags and few other bag which have small end compartments are the favourite bags to steal. Specially we tend to place our cellular phones or wallets on these compartment because it is small and it is an easy access. Well, it is also and easy access to thieves! So next time, keep the small compartments of your bag empty. Instead, place them on your Main compartment. By this, it would be more difficult to open because a slight manipulation of the zippers will alert us easily.



When walking alone on an alley, or on a secluded area – always walk fast. As long as you are alone, even if you are situated on a crowded area – this would be a very effective way to disappoint robbers. Robbers won’t rob an annoying moving target!



First rule my mom told me when carrying a large sum of money – “separate your bills”. Never clump everything in one wallet, because once that wallet gets lost or stolen – everything is stolen! So it would be wise to place half of the money to a different area, and the other to your wallet. This won’t prevent you from getting robbed, but hey it is a good tip! *wink



If this is common to everyone’s senses then, there would be no further explanation to be made. Never use your cellular phones when walking alone, especially on a crowded or secluded area. First it diverts your attention to your phone rather on your environment. Second, it gives -robbers an opportunity to rob you easily.  EYE – YAM – STEW – PEED

But if it is unavoidable to receive a text or call, answer such by stopping by to a nearest store or shed where getting robbed Is least likely to happen.



In the Philippines, Jeepney and Tricycle are few of the ways we commute on our everyday’s work or school. Never or avoid sitting near the exits of the vehicles. Statistics if available have shown then these are the areas which are prone to people getting rob or snatched by thieves. It gives them a breeze to steal your valuables and a convenient way to escape.



Avoid placing your valuables such as your wallet and cellular phones on your pockets. It is easier for thieves to be undetectable to their victims and our pockets are the most susceptible areas to keep something valuable.



When planning to ride a taxi, a great way to avoid being harassed, left something on the cab, or worst case scenario being robbed inside a taxi is first:

  1. Call somebody as you are going to your destination. Choose a friend, a family member whom you could call and say it aloud inside the taxi the location where are you now, and the information about the taxi, including its plate number. For example: “hello mom, i’m at ______, i’ll send the plate number through text”. This will caution the taxi driver to drive you safely to your destination.
  2. What if you are unable to call somebody? Then, PRETEND! Pretend you are calling somebody. I’ve done this many times, and same as the later – it helps caution the drive that somebody knows your location and the taxi’s plate number.
  3. GRAB TAXI! Grab Taxi is getting popular nowadays, especially here in the Philippines. It is a Gab ride you will surely feel safe. The information regarding the driver, like contact number, plate number and picture are placed on their app. Second, your family or significant other can track your location to the app too!



Walk with a your friends, or family – walk in groups. There is a safety in number. A group of people are least likely to be the target than individuals.



These are few or the tips which I have been using since I was college. I hope these have help everyone and may we all be always vigilant on our surroundings.

Keep safe pips!




PS:  You have your own tip?? Comment down below! Let us know!





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