I Work because I Love to

I took my first step at Ayala mall’s tiled stairs and as i enter its premises, I think- “Yup, he’s there“. Everyday, I have been accessing the same entry – the one fronting the Provincial hospital. I have been passing-by distinct and different faces everyday. Yet one man has caught the attention of commoners as they set foot inside the building, or when they are about to pick up some taxi cabs when they leave.  


Mr. Robinson Lecera
I introduce you Mr. Robinson Lecera, a 29 year old Transportation Assistant of a prominent mall here in the city of Cagayan de Oro. I was really pleased that i got a chance to interview him one morning. He has been a “taxi boy” (as what he prefers to be called) for almost 3 years now – parallel with the years the establishment was built. As conversation arises, he narrated the hardship and challenges he encountered during the duration of his career. “Lisud kaau basta kusog ang ulan, oh bisag init kaayo ang panahon, pero dapat naka smile lang japon ko” – Mr. Lecera emphasized. “Pero, gaka lipay ko sa akong trabaho kay mka tabang ko sa uban tao, labaw na sa mga senior citizens basta lunes” he continued. We ended our conversation and sealed it with a hand shake. 


Mr. Robinson helping a mall goer

This man typifies a person who brings passion on what he does. On the other, I shall ask dear reader, when was the last time you have greeted a total stranger and said “Good morning”. The dignity of work, best exemplifies this person. Under the raging heat of the sun, he gives you a smile amidst the wrinkled face you portray or in times when the sky cries so hard, he offers you an umbrella just to keep you dry as you enter a cab. I told myself – “this guy loves his job”. For him, this might not be the perfect job out there for him, but at least he wants to be the one doing this job in a best way.

Having a job is not just something you want to have. Having a work is an essential part of being an independent adult. It is where we spend most of our time waking up, building our strengths, and interacting with our co workers. It is a basic part of a person’s well-being. Inevitably, we can’t deny how monetary factor affects how we relate ourselves towards our workplace. In fact, it is the primary downturn of ones pleasure towards his/her job if it pays less. Significantly, a person who doesn’t love his job affects his co-workers and the customers he is serving. For example – a nurse who doesn’t have the passion towards her job may put the patients’ lives in danger. On the contrary, there are a few who bring passion to their jobs. Truly, when economic factor can not satisfy ones needs, but brings joy and love to what he or she is doing – this brings out productivity and the well being of the individual. Indeed, two different people can do exactly the same job and say the same words – but we still sense whether they are passionate about their work, and this makes all the difference.

Deciding which is a perfect career is arbitrary. In this recent decade, the dignity of work has slowly faded in our minds. Due to the growing economic demands, we usually settle on something that pays more money, yet pays less sense of fulfillment. Just like this man working on this establishment, who finds happiness in his work. Someday, we may find within ourselves the satisfaction and happiness that our work gives us. Not only will it bring about value to ourselves, but will also bear aid to those we have served.


8 thoughts on “I Work because I Love to

  1. i admire this guy also! he once helped me outside centrio mall while im having a hard time carrying my things because im bringing my kids with me..such a good guy! he deserves to be honored for his good deeds! keep it up!

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  2. I appreciate this guy’s good attitude towards his job, he’s very helpful. A kind of person who always wear a smile despite the everyday challenges. It’s been 3 yrs and not everyone has this kind of enthusiam. Everytime I’m in CdeO for vacation I usually and frequently visit the mall, been seeing this guy often and wanted to give him small favor eversince. He should atleast be acknowledged for a job well done!

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  3. I always smile to this guy whenever I exit there for a taxi ride or waiting for my husband to fetch me. If time permits, he would ask me how my work went, and i would feel quite relieved after a stressful day because someone has asked how I am.


  4. I agree! This guy assisted me in transferring our groceries from the cart to the car just last week! He had a wide, enthusiastic smile with his helpful attitude. Good job, Mr. Robinson Lecera. And thank you Mr. Stephen Lim for giving credit where it is due. :)

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  5. I took notice of this guy too.whenever i picket for a taxi ride,he always greets me with a smile,opens the door for me and even helps me with my things.i should say management was right in choosing him and should give credit where its due.Good job robinson!..keep up the good work!


  6. As I got out of the car one rainy afternoon, I almost slipped on the pavement, but this guy was so quick to hold me and keep my balance. I really appreciated and still continue to be grateful for the gesture. Good job Rob!!!!


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