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Biting my tongue, with a smirk of disgust on my face, and a hopeful feeling that something productive will happen as I watch the masses’ most wanted show during the break of the afternoon sun. “Yaya-dub” and “Pastillas girl” hits the shelves of every television in every karyenderya, on every corner in the city. It seems long ago that we have abandon the thought of eating together in a unified table, instead, we have colonized our living room to scavenge for space as we try to watch two Television noon time shows at once, just to witness the “kilig” moments of a “yaya” who is unimaginably mute, and a girl who went way through ABS-CBN just to look for a boyfriend to be. 

Every person we might pass each day or as we go to each other’s businesses, we might have known each latest clicks and trend happening and existing. Ask them about YayaDub – surely the conversation will be more than enough to be the existing topic the whole day and be more interesting than anything else. From juvenile to senile, from a disabled person to an able person, or whether you are a professional or a student – surely you are opt to be the first one to know the latest events this trend has become.


Yet on the contrary, our country is battling each day to counter every difficulties. From corruptions, debts, poverty and some foreign conflicts. In contrast every individual are also mirroring the same thing our country is experiencing. Even the simplest problem of throwing away trash improperly, traffic, and others has been neglected and as if invisible, despite we have experiencing these calvary every day on our native soil. Many presidents have come and go, “Teleserye” and movies that have experienced lime light and went blackout since its quick recognition, yet our national and civil problems have been like a piece of trash, thrown under the couch – the room looks clean, but the true dirt is still at bay. 
Shit got real. This is where the awful truth begins to stink. Filipinos are more knowledgeable of these non-productive, or shall i say temporary gratifications found on our mass media rather than the real problems our country has been facing. The worse would be that they know nothing at all! Filipinos have been very passive on our country. We have been buzzing on top of our larynx just to tell the world how we are proud to be Filipinos – are we doing anything? Have we shown concern of the increasing crime, the open man hole near the gutter, the floating wrapper on our sewer, the epidemic vote buying during election or the unfinished infrastructures built? People would rather run to the nearest available television just to watch “Pastillas girl” rather than picking up a piece of plastic in the street. We even manage to keep the hashtag tweet on top of the racks in twitter rather than elevating the condition of oneself or our society. 


There will be few who stands on a preposition that “this is fine...”, or say “we also need some time to have fun ...”
Well, i guess one is in the position to say such words of defense if he/she have done something to care much about the Nation. Passive – the best description every Filipino have become. We have more than fun in our country, as our slogan claimed it to be- “it’s more fun in the Philippines“, now it’s time to spare a little care and attention of our surroundings especially our nation and try to build a country in which we can truly say that we are proud of.


2 thoughts on “PASSIVE – Philippines

  1. I agree with everything you said. We keep on complaining with everyday issues that define our country, but shouldn’t we be the start or the change so that our definition and love for our country would not really be the perfect solution but a way just to lessen it?

    People react about Heneral Luna like it changed their lives but they kept on supporting these pathetic television shows – and FYI for the fans, the more you are entertained by them, the more they earn and get determined to keep on airing shows like these.

    It’s okay to be a fan but do not let these shows define your value as a person. It’s always better to help the community once in a while, which doesn’t hurt.

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