Too long for Hate, and too short for Love


photo credits to Asian News
It is the time of the year when the leaves of our calendar are getting thinner and our mom starts to purchase christmas lights to decorate our lovely home in preparation for the yule tide season. Brace yourselves, “BER months” has arrived. Time flies so quickly, the next thing you know – it’s christmas again. In connection, before we actually celebrate and be jubilant towards HIS birth on December, we are first welcomed by the month of November – to remember the dead. 

Each of us, has someone whom we would visit on the “All souls day” – a mother, a father, a long time friend, or someone whom we are too young to know. Every family will gather on the graves of our beloved to offer a bounty of flowers and to light some candles. In sum, it is a day of half sorrow and half remembering (I guess nobody’s happy when someone dies?). Every year, with no glitch – this has been our tradition, as a person , as a loved one, and as a family. In connection, have you every thought “what if i’m already six feet below the ground?”. When instead of you visiting your departed loved ones – you are the one being visited. 

According to survey – “the average life expectancy of Filipinos are 75 years”. Though this varies dependent on race, some have a life expectancy as early as 65, other may also exceed 75. In conclusion, all of us are still going to meet our creator someday. And when the day of our demise will come, we ask ourselves “were we satisfied with our lives?
Life is short. Too short to befriend and mingle with every human being, too short to do everything we wished for, and too short to love someone. Yet on contrary, the feeling of hate – lingers, as if a lifetime never ends. “Life is short” – don’t make your tomorrow be a regret someday. A regret that you should have spend more time with this certain someone before he/she passed away, or a regret that you should have done something you have wished to do from the past.

YOLO “you only live once” – they say. As the “All souls day” is fast approaching, hand in hand as we remember our departed loved ones, may we also remember our respective stories which we have been writing everyday. As the quote goes – “Life’s too long for hate, yet too short for Love“. When the time comes as we end the book of our life – we will be relieved to say – “I am already happy”. 


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