Gumising ka Lisa, Bagong araw na naman.

Marami kang pangarap dba?

Kaya gumising ka na.
Sing taas nang bundok

Sing lalim nang dagat,

Kasing lapad nang himpapawid,

Mga pangarap mo’y aking batid.
Pwede kang maging doktor,

At Manggamut nang may sakit

Bawat sulok ng katawan ng tao ay malaman.

At Mag alaga sa mga may karamdaman

Pwede ka ring maging enhenyero.

Gumawa nang bahay,

Oh di kaya’y mag tayo nang matitibay na tulay

Pwede ka ring maging guro.

Mga mabuting asal at kaalaman sa atin ay pumupuno.

Ang siyang haligi nang bawat propesyon nang tao.

Ang dahilan din bakit meron tayong magagaling na doktor at enhenyero.

Maging guro, doktor, enhenyero, oh kahit ano ka man.

Ang mangarap nang malaki ay walang hangganan.

Pero laging tandaan,

Kahit gaano kalaki ang iyong mga pangarap – kung wala kang ginagawa, wala karing mapapala.

Kaya mahal kong Lisa,

Gumising ka na sa iyong pagkahimbing

Oras nang bumangon at mga panaginip mo’y ating gawin.


“Born of Fire” – The Camiguin Island Adventure

Summer is about to end. The last stretch of our vacation heat is bidding its farewell. As we unpack our bag-packs full of swim wears, we tried to catch up before the summer signs out.
Last May 27, 2016 – our destination was the Camiguin Island. It was a rush! We woke up around 3:00 am to catch the bus ride at 5:00 am. A 2 hour bus ride from Cagayan de Oro to Balingoan and another 1-2 hours of boat ride from Balingoan port to Camiguin Island.

It would personally be my first time setting foot in Camiguin. An island known to be one of the nearest top tourist destination for individuals specially from the Visayas and Mindanao. Away from the busy streets of the city, and the raging heat from the combustion of vehicles – Camiguin is surely a sanctuary for every individuals seeking refuge to the environment.

While riding the boat, you can already see from afar the island – Green at its bottom and the top mountains covered with the sky’s thin clouds.
We landed at the island at last – around 8:00 in the morning.

The availability of means of transportation is a very important aspect on every destination traveled.
Transportation available in the island are the following:

  • Multicab
  • Vans (Hiace)
  • “Bangka”
  • Motorela
  • Motorcycle (“single”)
  • Jeepneys

There are no Taxis available. So if you are tourists visiting the place, it would be an advantage if the group have their own private car.

As of us group of six(6) – we rented a multicab for only P1,700 (max 8 people) – good already for eight(8) hours. On the other hand, the sheer number of motorela made it a bit difficult to commute in other areas of the island.
PS: motorela fare is around 10-20 pesos.

A place to stay is also a very important aspect on any vacation getaway! The increasing number of beach resorts and Inns, pave the way to an array of choices for tourists. Few of which boasts the “view” of the beach from their Inns. Some also have a reasonable cheaper selections. We stayed at PAGUIA’s cottages, this is a cheap lodging house near PARAS and WHITE ISLAND resort.


For only P1,500 – We have obtained a room good for six(6) and an advantage of having only a walking distance towards the bangka port going the the infamous White Island – a must-go tourist destination in Camiguin.

White Island
The “White Island” is one of the tourist destination found just ashore the main island.

It is an islet of white sand, and provides a great scenery of Camiguin Island. To those selfie addicts and instagram/snapchat whores – this is the place to be!


Casa Roca Inn
One motorela drive from our hotel is a place called Casa Roca. This is just a regular place to chill, hang-out and dine but with an extraordinary scenery.




This place is best visited around 5:00pm when the sun is about to set. Located at a cliff and on the side of the island where the sun goes down – this place is surely something worth the try.

The Lagoon Restaurant
People calls this restaurant “Lagoon” for a reason. This restaurant is located near the Camiguin port. Anybody could stop-by to dine.


Comparable to the Panagatan of Opol Misamis Oriental, this restaurant also has a sea view and a taste of the Islands delicacies – Sea foods! They have Kayaks and Zipline for P100 AND P250 per ride respectively.

Cold Springs
We went to St. Nino cold spring and it was freakin’ ice cold. Springs like this is sought after by the masses due to its affordability and wallet friendly character. St. Nino cold spring has huge pools ranging from 3 feet to their deepest 7 feet. To combat the heat of the El Nino Phenomenon – the St. Nino caold spring is a go! (how ironic)

Mantigue Island
A new tourist destination, that everybody must try! Few kilometers away from the main island is an islet called Mantigue Island. Just like the White Island, this can be visited through a 550 pesos boat ride.

The island boasts its “Sanctuary” – which people can swim, snorkel and experience the captivating views of huge coral reefs.

ALERT! Every movement you make in this tour sheds money!

My overall experience was quite fascinating. The island, the hospitality of the people and the great scenery. Surely something worth to be called a “Tourist destination” here in the Philippines.

The Camiguin Island is a peaceful and beautiful region. Full of nature’s bounty and great people – let us take care and nurture our environment and recollect our actions. In Lieu of bringing harm, let us preserve what we have and let the future generation see what we saw – thus giving them a chance to savor the experience we have felt.

“It’s more Fun in the Philippines

Stephen – Behind the scene

My life has been very busy for the past years.

I really tried my best to make the most of my time. Several people whom i know could see me with my bag pack almost everyday. Behind everything i have done has its reason which would lead to something we want to accomplish in the long run. A “strategic” play for our future. In God’s time we pray everything would work out, and I would be glad to share it with you guys.

on the other hand, this blog was left for about months now – and recently I’m starting to feed this with posts. Hoping to increase the traffic and improve my writing too!

Expect to see lots and lots of posts for the next few moments ahead! **hopefully.

Little by little, we are arranging the pieces. A huge portrait ahead of us, for me, my family and of course with my Rosen.

I guess that’s all for now, with a sneak peak picture attached ;D *wink* That’s all for now for my life’s behind the scene.




When I was a kid – I hated Sundays. It is the day of the week that tries to tell me – “hey! Tomorrow’s Monday, back to schoooool!” Every Sunday, our community is plaque with silence. Some were asleep – “Siesta” they say and some were drinking hot coffee on the afternoon while watching the cloud’s sky pass by.

Sunday is when I wake up early to catch up church’s 8:00AM mass. Nothing’s really exciting during Sundays – that’s why I dread it before. Everyone is available in my Sunday – it is the day of the week when we could really be together and bond. In the 21st century – individuals seems to be busier than before – or maybe I’m just getting older.  My Sundays now are filled with work and responsibilities. “Siesta” has become a want and attaining one would be a-dream-come-true. There were times how I wish; I have lived my Sundays to the fullest staying with my bed or spending more time with my family.

Generativity versus Stagnation. The world seems to be more competitive than before and everything seems to be on a fast pace. Let’s always bring back the traditions and the things we love within our grasp and amidst life’s challenges – may we still aim to recollect and find the “Sunday” everyone used to have.

If there’s a will, there’s a way

Not everyone was born lucky. Some were born rich, while others were not. There are those who were gifted with beauty, while there others who are  lacking on that area. In other words – there are a million of probability we may be born in this world. Yet for sure we are not born what we ideally wanted to be.

Thus i think that this is what makes us all busy everyday. For example: some people work really hard – to be successful and earn well someday, because they are those who may lack in the financial area. Well some are blessed to have lots of money: yet may be “lacking” on the “Love” area – so they may be traveling the world using their money to find someone. There are a tremendous amount of stories that every individual might tale tell. That is what makes us busy everyday – achieving what we want, and reaching for our dreams.

This is Popoy Bugsa, a 46 year old “sikad driver”. He has a “Sikad” which is a common yet cheap means of transportation here in Cagayan de Oro city. This vehicle is usually run by a bicycle but Popoy’s “sikad” is run by a Motorcycle.


Instead on sitting on the motorcycle, he sits on the passenger seat as he drives this vehicle

We were about to bound to Cogon in Cagayan de oro City to buy some decorations last christmas, yet we found ourselves stuck at the traffic situation in CM Recto Avenue and Corrales Street. We found him beside a mall fronting Nazareno Church. He was sitting on his “sikad” when my eyes caught him because of his peculiar type of vehicle using.

You would be amaze how this guy was able to maneuver his vehicle. Honestly, at first i was really scared. He rides his motorcycle with his right hand holding the vehicle’s left handle! Well at first i was skeptical, but as we are about to reach our destination, i thought- “this guy’s good!”.

This guy deserves a recognition and an individual whom anyone can look up to as an example – and for not letting his disability hinder him to something productive for himself. We seldom complain even on a subtle difficulty we encounter at school, at work, or at home. While other people in the persona of Mr. Bugsa who makes the most of what he have and what he can do.

May this guy serve as a motivation to everyone. We tend to overlook the blessings we have and less appreciative on the gifts bestowed on us. In lieu, we might as well use these as an instrument to succeed and achieve our goals in life.

So the next time you feel “you can’t do it“. Think of such individuals like this humble “sikad” driver.

If there’s a will, there’s a way.

Wrapping up my 2015

Happy Holidays everyone!

This year has been a ride for everyone. Some may say this has been a great year for them, while some it may be on the down side – the opinion lies within each individual. So for this last article for this year, I would love to share my adventure throughout this year. I am going to wrap it up using my words, for this year has been giving me great rides.

Does anybody feel as if it was just like yesterday that 2015 has begun? I could still remember how I packed up some shirts to wear for a mass on the 24th of December. Then 5 minutes before midnight of the 31st , everybody is ready to light their firecrackers as we embrace the year 2015.


2015 was my most busiest, yet productive year ever! I was about to finish my college by the end of March. It was a tough ride – not only for me, but also to my fellow colleagues. All the nights we spent studying for the final exams and all the coffee I drank from four (4) different coffee shops in the city. We have surely burned the midnight oil for us to be able to achieve what we want – to graduate.

Next, graduation was up! We did it! For four (4) long years we made it! It was one of our great achievements that we have survived college. All the hard-work and sacrifices have paid off. On the other hand, it was both a personal goal and relationship goal for me and my girlfriend – Rosenblum Legaspi (search her up! :D). We have been through almost everything in school, from studying, hospital duties, having fun with friends, soccer games, and much other stuff.

Me and my Rosen :)

Next stop this year was our Nursing Licensure Exam. Approximately 2 months after our graduation, I and Rosen gambled to take the board exam earlier. This is unorthodox to what others usually do. To cut the long story short – we made it again! We passed the Licensure Exam – another seemingly a relationship goal again as to what the social media calls it. We were license nurses here in the Philippines and got our ID’s (1) one month after the result has been posted.

The two (2) paragraphs alone make it seems to be easy and smooth but In fact, these paragraphs consists a lot of sacrifices, happy, sad, full of anxiety moments. Moments which when I relinquish in my mind makes me want to pat my back and say “good job Stephen, you did it”.

When the year was about to end, my adolescence stage has slowly faded away as my 21st birthday has arrived. Transition, accomplishments and change sums up my 2015.

Now that 2015 is going to leave us for good soon, may we always remember to thank the people who surround us all year round. The people who have inspire us to do the unthinkable, the people who have made us smile and made us who we are for the next few years ahead.

Retreat to what we have learned from this year and keep eyeing on our goals for the 2016.



Tips on Studying Smart

If you have come across this article, then it is either you were desperate to ace/pass an exam, or you are someone who thought – “hey, this can be helpful in the future”. Well, that puts a lot of pressure on me. I better give some good advice.


Everyone has surely experienced something they needed to study for, be it a report, a quiz or a major exam. I guess nobody wants to fail a test. Well, I myself have been through a lot of studying in my life. In fact when I was still in grade school, I was always excited to study – I read the preface of the book (That was hilarious). On the contrary as time went by, I learned the whole gist of study habits which aided me to accomplish and be productive as much as possible when studying. I want to share some of these tips and habits, and I hope this may assist you in every way possible. These are the tips and tricks to study Smarter rather than Longer. Here we go!

1. Study in advance

All the tips listed below will be nothing if this can’t be accomplished. Always try to anticipate when the exam will be happening, the type of exam, and the difficulty level of the exam you will be taking. This is an effective method to really absorb and understand the topic you are studying. On the other hand – this can help boost your confidence while answering, since you have a long duration of preparation. Confidence is everything.

2. Small short chunks

The more, the merrier?” – Well not in studying. Try to avoid studying four or more hours straight. Don’t worry, I am also much guilty on this habit. Research shows that study sessions are most effective in “small short chunks”. Instead of cramming 10 hours nonstop, it is more effective to spread out on a 20-30 minutes study session over a few weeks. Our brain can better absorb short and repeated session than a long bulky one. This may not be true to the habits of everyone, but hey! It’s evidenced based practice.

3. No Overnighters

These are for the “crammers”. Try to avoid studying overnight – this is not effective. After prolonged nocturnal sessions – reasoning and memory will surely be affected. Instead, try to set a time during the day when to study and do this throughout the week. Thus this tip can also be combined to the tip above – “small short chunk”.

4. Set Specific goals

We all have experienced when we tend to clump a pile of book and try our best to read as much book as we can. Well, this might not be that very effective. Try to list specific and concise goals when studying for that specific day. In congruence to my Nursing career, I call this “daily plan of activities”. Try to list down every specific action on a specific time frame. For example – from 1pm to 2pm “I’m going to read chapter one”. This is really helpful to maximize and track your time when studying.

Daily plan of Activities
sample “Daily plan of Activities”

5. No Music

Some of us have gotten used to studying while listening to a favourite track on our mp3’s or phones. Yet unfortunately “Spotify pips”, according to recent studies – this can be detrimental to focus. In contrast, individuals who studies on a quiet surrounding have better outcomes. So the next time you see someone studying with an earphone on their ears – always think, your studying the better way.

6. Flash cards

Not everything you read will retain instantly. Its very useful to have an index card, or based on my personal experience –use a small booklet. You can specifically write everything you still don’t know something you need to memorize. These flash cards or booklets are very handy and convenient. When you are commuting or doing nothing as of the moment, you can pop it open from your pocket and read. A good and productive way to maximize time.

7. Sacred place

We all have a sacred and sweet place when we study. It can be our own room, the living room, dining table, a sweet shop, Starbucks? Try to study where you are comfortable being at. A place where everything you needed for studying is ready and set to go. “I need Caramel Frappuccino to study” – Starbucks pips.

8. Practice makes Perfect… but nobody’s…Pra..c..

Practice, practice and practice. This is one of the most effective ways to be ready and answer the tests well. This boost your confidence and familiarity towards the topic being learned and studied. On the other hand, it will harness your time management when answering which lessens anxiety because it will give you more time to review your paper before passing.

9 . Put away your phone

Really? Should I still continue? Put away your phone, and stop multi-tasking. You can always do that at the end of your study session. Treat it as a reward, that you will be able to use your phone or laptop after you have finished studying.


That was it! I hope it had enlightened you in any way possible, and may it help everyone as they start flipping the pages of their book/ e-books.
Education has been a very important part of our live. Students are fighting a battle everyday at school. A particular person told me once – “Strive and work hard today, so tomorrow you won’t have to – rather than slacking today, and tomorrow you’ll be working hard”