CDO’s Traffic situation

Under the raging heat of the sun, and the buzzing mechanical machines occupying the city streets, every day seems to be a struggle. Cagayan de Oro is a city situated at the northern part of Mindanao, strategically located beside a river, where every other civilization has started – near a body of water. The continuous growth of this city led to the development of buildings, businesses, opportunities, and immense increase of population due to migration of families from the southern areas of Mindanao. 

Pabayo Divisoria , Cagayan de oro city

Hand in hand with this superb economic and social growth, the traffic situation of CDO is in a dire situation. With the increase of city occupants and their new cars as well as public drivers whose head is as hard as the statue of Rizal in Divisoria, forced the not so spacious city streets into a frenzied jungle. 

In connection, If we look at the city map, our streets are like webs of small but numerous number of routes. Current scenarios of improper parking, parallel parking and unnecessary check point of vehicles on restricted loading areas makes our humbly two lane street into a one lane roadway. 

Is it the uncontrolled growth of private and public vehicles or is it the improper implementation of “one way” “two way” routes to compensate our small sized streets? Or could it be the stature of discipline drivers give while driving? Nobody really knows except those who are experts in handling this cases, such as few departments in our government. 

Therefore, I emphasize that those individuals who own a vehicle or those who operate one, should lose the mentality of thinking as the “King of the road”. Responsible individuals that abide street laws, those who don’t stand above the law by discriminating what kind of car we are riding, or which organization we belong – whether you are a Mason, an Eagle, or an “alfa omega palaban mama”

The technical duties of ensuring a smooth and great freeway is in the hands of our government but it will never be achieved without cooperation, discipline and a sense of responsibility from the people.


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