Back Home


Dad’s home. For more than 21 years, greater than the number of years i am alive, another 9 months has pass, and now – he’s back home. For those who were wondering, he is actually a Seaman. Not a fisherman, not a man who lives under the sea, and he’s not a pineapple (get it? For those who didn’t : it’s a joke! ). So yeah, he is a seaman, and that’s our lives goes every year. But this year would be quite special when he comes back, because the last time he saw me – i was a student in nursing school, but now: i’m a full pledged Registered Nurse. I will definitely let him see my License ID – the card which symbolizes their hard work through out the years. What a sacrifice, a tens of year spent away from his family to toil green paper to aid us and send me to a good school.

I am much aware to myself, and made a resolution that i will only cry once a year, and that would be when my father goes back to the sea, to his ship to work after his three months vacation here with us. Now he’s home, we are happy and ecstatic to see him again. The house gets strict again, everything gets organized and cleaned, all of which happens when my father’s home.

Every family has its own assets, its own uniqueness that differentiate one to the other. Some say “i love you” to show affection and love, yet some show it in other way possible aside from words. Someday somehow, we will begin to build a nest of our own. Leaving the old one, leaving the old best nest for us – the home with our family. When someday, we live on separate ways with our family, and make our own. Always remember to look back to the nest which has nurtured you and made you who you are today. You will always reminisce and say “yeah it’s an old nest, but it is the best that i could ever have”.

Few days from now, we are about to be complete again, happy and together. I Love my family, i grew with it, i learned from them, my whole life was surrounded by them. I am happy now that my Dad’s home.


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