Movie Theater Stereotypes

Since the advent of the multimedia industry, people have been hooked and have been patronizing Movie watching and these other medium of entertainment. The fascination of people grew, which led to the creation of movies.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, we have continued to patronize watching movies on theatres. It has been a fun and enjoyable pass time for friends and family around the world.

We have experienced and met a lot of people and personalities inside the cinema’s premises. Thus, in connection – I have summarized few types of people which we usually see inside a cinema.

Ready? Here we go:


The Person who eats your snack

Often times we go to a movie theatre and we bring lots and lots of foods and snacks. This is what everybody does to make the experience worthwhile. Yet despite the time and money we spent to buy those snacks, we have company who shares with us. These individuals are the “Moochers”. They scavenge your food, and they even eat a lot more of your humble snacks than you do.

The Bathroom Champion

These are individuals who miss a lot of scenes in the movie due to constant visit to the comfort rooms. They seem to have a miniature bladder that they tend to be going be going to the “CR” every so often. On the other hand, despite this kind of problem they have, they still consume ice tea and other beverages, which make them feel the urge of urinating more.


The Texter

In my opinion – these are the individuals who have the best Theatre Etiquette(sarcasm alert). They love to check their cellular phones during the movie experience. Bottom line – these people are annoying. To all regular movie goers out there – please turn off your phone. We came here to watch a movie, not to check our texts or Facebook through Facebook’s free data service.


The Karate Kid

These are the people seated at our back, who love to place their feet on the back of our chairs. Few people are surely guilty about this. They rest their foot and keeps on kicking, throughout the duration of the movie. Which makes our experience feel like hell.


The PDA (public display of affection)

These are usually couple, who seats on the top and secluded part of the cinema. They usually chose to be there to do some stuffs, you know what I mean. It seems as if they are not watching the movie anymore. Get a room folks.


The Loud Laugh
There are two types of these people – either they laugh so hard, that their voice is louder than the Dolby Surround audio system of the cinema. Or individuals who laughs a lot even if there is nothing funny about the scene. These are manic individuals – with excessive energy within them.

The Loud Eater

These are those who brings a lot of snacks – from chips, drinks, etc. These people ate like a Viking. They eat so loud. Who will constantly hear the crack of the chips as they masticate their food, and the brass sound of their plastic wrappers. The sound of their food as they ate eat is either distracting or it makes you hungry, especially if you haven’t brought one.


The Cold Girl
Beware Boyfriends and Husbands! These are girl who gets cold and seldom ask for a jacket or a warm coat. These are girls who need a little warm hug while watching the movie. So for men out there – “do the move”.

The Smuggler

There are few Cinemas out there that still do not allow bringing food inside the premises. The Smugglers are the ones who hide the food very well inside their bags, shirt, and pants or wherever it is possible. Are you one of them? A real risk taker – just to have a chance to eat inside while watching.


The Spoiler Fan

These are the person who loves to spoil the movie. They have researched about the movie in Wikipedia, or have read the book version of the movie. They love to talk and spill some information while watching. Some of these individuals are “Harry potter”, “TwilightGEEKS. They keep on saying – “that’s not in the book”!! or “the book is definitely better”. They have known the plot before hand, and keep on saying what is going to happen next.



In the end, I am pretty sure there are many types of people with different personalities that we have encountered inside the Cinema Theatres. Watching a movie has long been one of the past time of individuals and there are different reasons why we are fond of this activity.

Comment down below, and share to us your personal experiences – I would love to hear from you!



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