THE SOCIAL CLIMBERS – “kill them before they multiply”

Through technological advancement and the improvement of the internet, people tend to use these medium to express what they feel, show stuffs they want to show, or shall i say BRAG stuffs they unconsciously want to brag. Instagram a form of networking site where you can post pictures was flooded with photos of a picture of Starbuck tumbler with a hand holding it. Yeah taking pictures was fine, but imagine how ridiculous he look like making his arm like a monopod.

Have you seen guys taking pictures of a book, and then beside the book is an iPhone or a Macbook, and the caption is like “i love this book” and i was like “what’s the iPhone/Macbook for?” Like fuck, todays’ style of boasting is “bragging silently on pictures“. I bet some of those stuffs you took photo to was not yours, and if it was yours, then that’s nice, but why include it in the picture? Now the next scenario is funny. I was in this Japanese/Chinese restaurant, off course to eat (😅). A group of people came in and seated across our table to dine too. Their food was served and they began to eat. Good gracious their face are like real, legit, brown skinned full pledged Filipino and they started using chopsticks as if they were expert. So i thought “maybe they are really experts???!” So i observed, because that’s what i do, i love looking! All i could say is “countless rice and beefs have fallen! Use the freakin’ spoon my fellow native”. I am part Chinese, part Filipino and i’m not even an expert in using chopsticks. So stop being so trying hard. Lastly, are people who speak in multi languages, but it will always have a Tagalog or a Bisaya in it. For example – TagLish or BisLish ( tagalog & english or Bisaya and english). Trying to talk rich, fancy?, like “errrmerrgghad“. Just trying to show how incompetent they are in completing a simple sentence. Let’s be humble okay? And be real of who we are, because in the end, after you have spent a PHP160 worth of Caramel frappuccinno-Venti size in Starbucks and took 2 pictures of it so that you can post the first picture tonight and the other would be posted few days after, so that people think your going to Starbucks regularly, and then when you get home, you’d still go back eating egg mixed w/ ampalaya cooked by your mom, or maybe when you’re a student and you are on a “dorm life”, you’d end up broke at the end of the week.

So keep it real pips, don’t force thy selves! And for those who are rich enough to buy those stuffs, just be humble every now and then okay? So yeah!
**to those grammar freaks: “oraayt”


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