“HENERAL LUNA” – A movie Review

Emerged on a perfect time when Social Media served its purpose in paving to make something that might be unrecognizable, into something that catches the eyes and attention of the consumers like us. On first glance, i would have never thought I would be watching such movie, especially that I was really never fond of Filipino movies – you can’t deny how few Filipino movies has a distinct formula that makes it tasteless on the palate of the viewers – for example: “a rich boy founds a poor girl, the boy’s parent disagrees on the relationship of their son to a poor girl...” – you know how the story goes. But guess what, thanks to advancement of internet and media, There are people like me who have watched the movie because curiosity led us to it and aside for students who used the opportunity to get 50% discount, people kept talking about it on facebook, and tweeting on twitter, and it kill us if we were left behind. So yeah, I think it would be nice to watch something part of our history, which I am always fascinated about, and of which I have been waiting for a long time that a historical movie like this would come up (except the movie hari ng tondo“). After watching, I have resolved to write a few things in respect to the artistry I have found in the movie. Artistry that few may have already understood and relate with, and to the few who haven’t caught the gist of it at all. Here we go.



Credits to Artikulo Uno
Let me start my review with a realization. Has anybody saw the movie Harry Potter and its seven outstanding successful series. “You missed half of your life if you didn’t” (just kidding, but seriously). Well, let us start with an analogy between the Harry potter movie and the General Luna. One cannot appreciate the seventh book/movie, without watching or reading the previous chronicle. In contrast to the General Luna, one cannot or will have difficulty appreciating such movie if the individual hasn’t known any knowledge of the Philippine history. You would find yourself asking “who’s that?”, “what’s a indio?”, “what’s the significance of Del Pilar in the last part of the movie scouting for men from Luna’s army?” Or maybe “is this based on true story?” (Facepalm). The knowledge of such history and story changes everything. It will be boring and confusing to the younger generations who haven’t any idea of the characters and events. But for those who are knowledgable or quite have known the Philippine history, then this is a movie for you. A must watch movie worthy of its recognition. 



Credits to Artikulo Uno
I have been waiting to say this, but i have never expected a movie like this would have such humor. At the beginning of the movie, it shows substantial amount of satire and humor especially to my favorite character of “Paco“the colonel of Luna played by Joem Bascon. Even the general himself showed humor amidst its iron fist aura in front of the politicians and Emilio Aguinaldo. This was not a mediocre movie because it has unexpectedly a lot of humor, but instead, it will give the viewers a huge gasp of the REAL history. A history that is govern and created by Filipinos like us, which commits mistake and have different attitudes and philosophy. It was unexpectedly so realistic because movies of this kind of genre contains and shows heroes that are SERIOUS, PERFECT, someone you look up to, someone that is always right – but NO, the movie shows a filipino hero we read on books that is Funny, a prankster sometimes, boastful, and hot tempered. And you know what, because of these portrayals – makes the movie genuine, realistic, and true. That is what I love about the movie the most – the ambiguity of the characters emotions.



Credits to Artikulo Uno
Credits to Artikulo Uno
Credits to Artikulo Uno
Credits to Artikulo Uno

There are a lot of great lines and conversations made by each characters, well mostly from General Luna himself. Giving credits to the writers of the film, the narration and the dialogues are outstanding. Full of metaphors, full of hidden meanings, or may be satiric in a sense. When I was watching the movie, after every lines thrown by the protagonist, I keep saying “ooooh” or maybe “ohhh snap, what a burn“. Loving this movie will be of no difficulty, full of power, and full meat where viewers will definitely gain insights and realizations before leaving their seats. In my own experience, As I was about to leave the premises of the Cinema, it made me realize how i need to work more like to be a Filipino and do a lot more on our actions, rather than saying it through words alone, which was emphasized by General Luna which also accounts one of the “Hugot lines” in the movie.



Credits to Artikulo Uno
If you listened to your teacher when you were still in elementary or at middle school during his/her Philippine history discussion then you will surely never miss the symbolisms the director and writers packed this movie with. Well, off-course there would be some who haven’t noticed it, or haven’t known about it at all!

First on the list of “notable” symbolisms is the “Spolarium” painting by Juan Luna. Yes, synonymous to the last part of the movie after Luna’s assassination, the bodies of both the general and his men were placed public. They were dragged just like the depiction of gladiators on the infamous painting made by Juan Luna – the brother of Antonio Luna.   

Second one which only took few seconds in the movie, was when a woman in Spain sat on a couch, which Juan Luna painted. This shows the painting “The Parisan Life“, a painting shows depicts a courtesan or a prostetute, which symbolizes the fallen womanhood. The woman is said to be the mirror image of the archipelago – the Philippines, on contrary, the the three man on the background are the friends Luna, Rizal and Ariston Bautista who is said to be westernized yet remained “Filipino at heart”. Inclusion of such, proves the teams’ attention to details towards the creation of the movie. So if you have decided to watch soon, pay attention to the screen and give a little respect to the artistry, rather than illuminating the room with your phone and texting.

Third was Joven Hernando, the young men, who throughout the movie sticked around General Luna and interviewing him with his “Harry Potter” glasses. He is one of the characters in the story aside from General Luna that has great role and significance in the movie. He symbolizes the New and upcoming generation which shows ambivalence towards the crisis and issues surrounding our country. See how Antonio Luna, gave so much importance to young man as they traveled and how events went, with emphasis to the scene where Joven, was shot by bullet into his hand. This just symbolizes how the past generation should nurture the generation to come with values of authentic Filipino countrymen, nationalism, and wisdom of good intent. 

I am pretty sure there are a lot more of this “reading between the line” stuffs. Well one way of helping me out in uncovering such would be for you to watch the movie.



Credits to Artikulo Uno
John Arcilla as General Antonio Luna, played a great part in portraying his character, with such strong character and poetic aura on stage, makes him the best person to in-act the protagonist. Mon Confiado as President Emilio Aguinaldo, has a baddass haircut to enable to “carbon” copy the real Emilio Aguinaldo. Epi Quizon as Apolinario Mabini known as the “dakilang lumpo“. To those who haven’t known, he has Polio, for christ sake that’s why he was kept seated the whole duration of the movie, and as a polio patient, lower extremities are so thin, so weak, and muscles are not completely developed due to prolonged disuse, that is why he keeps on covering it with a cloth (I’m a nurse, i know this). As a whole, if anybody have observed – a number of actors were into indie film in the past. And one thing i have realized, some of the best actors we have are the ones that are UNDERRATED. Compared to those who are GOOD looking and really famous of their movies – a compensation to there acting performance(not everyone though). Well, I think they should just stay having a good face. 



After uncovering the script after many years since the mid 1990’s, at last the presentation of such was realized through this film. Like a wine being preserved in a cellar. Brewed until good quality production was made. “Heneral Luna” was a one of a kind film, great production, invested with good script, cast and great amount of money. Well, you should be lining up by now and procure some time to watch this Historical movie – Heneral Luna, for these kind of movies are scarce at present.


Back Home


Dad’s home. For more than 21 years, greater than the number of years i am alive, another 9 months has pass, and now – he’s back home. For those who were wondering, he is actually a Seaman. Not a fisherman, not a man who lives under the sea, and he’s not a pineapple (get it? For those who didn’t : it’s a joke! ). So yeah, he is a seaman, and that’s our lives goes every year. But this year would be quite special when he comes back, because the last time he saw me – i was a student in nursing school, but now: i’m a full pledged Registered Nurse. I will definitely let him see my License ID – the card which symbolizes their hard work through out the years. What a sacrifice, a tens of year spent away from his family to toil green paper to aid us and send me to a good school.

I am much aware to myself, and made a resolution that i will only cry once a year, and that would be when my father goes back to the sea, to his ship to work after his three months vacation here with us. Now he’s home, we are happy and ecstatic to see him again. The house gets strict again, everything gets organized and cleaned, all of which happens when my father’s home.

Every family has its own assets, its own uniqueness that differentiate one to the other. Some say “i love you” to show affection and love, yet some show it in other way possible aside from words. Someday somehow, we will begin to build a nest of our own. Leaving the old one, leaving the old best nest for us – the home with our family. When someday, we live on separate ways with our family, and make our own. Always remember to look back to the nest which has nurtured you and made you who you are today. You will always reminisce and say “yeah it’s an old nest, but it is the best that i could ever have”.

Few days from now, we are about to be complete again, happy and together. I Love my family, i grew with it, i learned from them, my whole life was surrounded by them. I am happy now that my Dad’s home.

Just a glimpse: ANDROID vs IOS

Since the year 2007, when iPhone was first introduced to the masses, the advent in the advancement of mobile phones commence. The rise of different mobile competitors rose in the market including the old play makers – Samsung, HTC, LG, Blackberry, Nokia and the new ones like – Lenovo, Huawei, Mii, etc. The Apple company led by the late Steve Jobs, really place a high bar of standard on how a smart phones should be – Quality over quantity, function over looks. On the other hand, competitors tries to outshines each other: on battery life, size of phone, quality of screen resolution, camera, and the operating system itself. Well there are two major mobile Operating system in the market today. The Android, which is used by most mobile companies, and the infamous IOS solely for Apple. Which is better then?


People usually connotes Android to Samsung ( because Samsung is the most famous one that is known using Android ecosystem on their mobile phones). But please refrain this, in lieu for everybody’s information Android is a software technology bought by Google in the early 2000’s. It has never been useful yet in the mobile phone genre before, yet now, it is the biggest operation system considering a number of mobile companies are using it. The owner of Android now is Google. Companies like Samsung, LG, and HTC are paying Google to let them use the Android operating system on their products. (Correct me if i’m wrong).

  • Customizability

Android surely wins this part. Customizability, lets users customize their phones whatever what they want it to be, from the home screen look, tabs, icons, themes, and etc. Android gives users the freedom to do this – which is one of the main reason this Operating system clicked to the masses. On the contrary, IOS of Apple does give you only limited tweaks. For instance, the tiles are fixed , the wallpaper can be change , but thats it, and few others. Android fives user the liberty to do these, which make the operating system, so much “personal”.

  • Safety

Oh, no one beats Apple’s IOS. If safety against virus, hackers, bugs, or if privacy is your priority, Apple will always win. It is their pride and glory. Even on their Macs and Macbooks, it is surely even safer compared to the Windows PC – i bet, you can’t start using your PC without an Anti-virus installed in it. On the other hand, Android is flooded with bugs and all of these unwanted stuffs – especially on their app store. The Android operating system can even be illegally copied, thus the beginning of CLONE phones – that you can’t even recognize the difference of the original and the clone. Yet in IOS? You will never see a clone close to copying to ios. It is the most stable and safe so far.

  • Consistency

Have you ever cross in your mind that the features of Android phones differ from one company to the other. For example : Samsung has recently have curve displays, the LG has recently have 4K screens, the Huawei have their fingerprint sensor on the back of their phones, but in the end they all have an Android operating system yet a different kind of Experience on each phone – it is not consistent. On the contrary, the IOS has only IPHONE, and that’s it! To place emphasis for example: the the texting or calling style of IOS on IPHONE is the same, from the old versions like iPhone 3g, 4, 4s, 5, 5s, up until now, the rules, the function and icon is the same. Which means, transition of one iPhone to the other is not a difficult task using it, because you don’t need to relearn a new set of format or system. Unlike Android, it changes – Samsungs’ swipe left is the magazine menu, while on HTC it may be different feature. That is also why Apple’s IOS is easier to understand. Well experience of a phone is a subjective view, but in general, this is the bottom line.

  • Price

 Theres no arguing on this. IOS is expensive and exclusive. If the software can be bought by other companies, maybe we’ll have a Samsung on an IOS software. But it’s not, IOS is not shared with other companies.

  • Speed

Speed of an operating system can’t be messured just by the naked eye of a person, or based on personal experience. Let me share a little fact about the speed of each respectively. If you are an avid tech fan like me, you can always read, and hear some people complaining how Apple keeps releasing lower specs phone compared to its competitors. For example: Apple’s iPhone 6 has 1 Gb of Ram and has only dual core (ram and cores are like in lay mans term, the brain of the phone which dictates on how fast and multitask it can do). Compare it to its competitor Samsung Galaxy S6 which has 4 Gb of ram, Octa-cores, yet why iPhone is still blazing fast? That which it can still compete with these huge core phones and large Rams. The secret is on the operating system. Samsung long before the Galaxy line up was released, has really had a hard time speeding up their products, that even an iPhone 4’s speed can still compete to the recent form of Android devices. This is because Android is a heavy software, it is a great software though, with great customizability, and unique features that can be tweaked, but it need a fast processor and a huge ram to experience the best of it. On the other hand, iPhone’s IOS, is fast even on just an average processor, because it is stable, fast, and reliable. I don’t know how they engineered it, but it does a fluid work. Now imagine if iPhone place a great specs to come with a clean fast software, which they had done already on iPhone 6 (64-bit chip) – the result is blazing fast!
Many people will be enraged by this, many will also agree. I KNOW, because arguments like this specially on social media is a never ending roller coaster. Android fans have their own reasons, IOS fanboys have also their own stand. The entries written above was based on experience, research through reviews on the web and on reliable sources.
There are still many areas which were not included, but i am always open to opinions and suggestions. Comment down below! I would love to hear from you guys ! Your genuine feedback is much appreciated.



Nursing may be one of the toughest courses in college. Being inclined to a medical related course is no joke, especially when we are about to handle and take good care of LIVES. But behind those seemingly jail bars of the Nursing classrooms and the discipline given by our “school before hoes” clinical instructors, we have encountered different kinds of personality inside the classroom. The personalities that will be described here may be compared to every student on other courses, in lieu, the circumstances will be related to my experiences as i have ventured my Nursing Life throughout the four years of college. So here we go! Here’s for all of us Nursing/Nurses pips!

1.) The facade of saying “I didn’t study” but after the exam, gets the highest score

There are two sub category of this: first are those students who TRUTHFULLY did not study and aced the exam, i bet the trend of their quizzes are “gets a high score when not studying and fails when the topic was studied” what an irony. The second are those known to be The Smarties and Nerds in the class who SECRETLY studied weeks before the exam, and then when asked if they have studied, they’ll just tell you “uhmmm, the topic was really difficult…” Or “i really didn’t study, the topic, it was so confusing” and after the exam *tadaa* gets the highest grade! Then you’ll find yourself telling them – “i thought you didn’t study??!” And they’ll say “i don’t know..” with a smirk, which on the contrary makes me want to smack their asses out! 

2.) The Bulimics

You do the research about the condition Bulimia Nervosa. These are the petite, sexy, fit boys and girls on the first years of Nursing who will have there white uniform first be measured by the tailoring services. These little pythons will ask the sewer to make there uniform slim fit. Too fit in a sense that they look like wearing skinny jeans and there upper dress fits snuggly on there curved highschool hips! Thus, they are called the Bulimics because as every year goes by, they get fatter and bigger- for sure! And their uniforms gets smaller and smaller for them, they get more depressed about their size, and the barometer they use to know if they increased in weight are their white uniforms. Food for the brain eh?

3.) All Org, No Nursing type

These are the students who are so inclined with their extracurricular activities. They are so into it that they forget their nursing subjects and quizzes to think of to. These are the students you usually see going from classroom to classroom to announce upcoming activities in school. These are also the students who says “..vote straight , vote alliance..” Don’t get me wrong, i got few good friends who are like this, and i salute them for balancing work between two demanding fields and finished nursing and its hardships for four years. But beware to those nursing students who are this type, just a word of advice: “just stick to studying”. If you were to ask me? I’d choose my future first. 

4.) The LGBT’s

These are the lesbians, gays, bisexual, transexual pips of nursing! These are the rainbow among the blacks and whites in the class. Pretty sure we have gay or lesbian classmates especially where Nursing as a course is predominantly women. Some may be late bloomers, who will show their true colors maybe around third, fourth year or maybe they will NEVER tell anybody about their sexuality until such time the crow turns white. (Well albino crows are now possible, i guess) and some LGBT’s have these unique personalities already since the beginning of time and who has no fear of showing who they really are. Let’s just respect who they are and what they want to be. World peace baybeh!

5.) The Iron Man

These are the students who goes to school or goes to duty with a uniform comparable to crumpled paper! They shirts were unpressed, and an imaginary iron is chasing them from behind. Well, this is common to students who are late commers, who goes to school runnin’ to save their asses from extension, and because they are in a hurry, they had no time to iron their shirts. Or maybe they are on a dorm life, flat irons are not allowed in their respective dorms. Beep beep!

6.) The Car pool Driver

In every duty rotation, you are assign to a group composed of 10 to 13 students – this is what we call the duty groups. You go to your hospital together and many other requirement stuffs. The standard of a good duty group, aside from having a genius group-mate, is that one of your duty group-mate should have a car. Ironically, out of 13 students in a group, sometimes, only 5 students are rides that car when used, make it 6 if the clinical instructor hitched hiked. And the others commute, because off course not everyone get along from each other. But if all of you get along really well, then you have a damn good duty group! Having someone having a car in group is so damn convenient. So the next time the duty group assignments are posted, the first question you need to ask is “does anybody have a car?”

7.) The 1st batch Breakers

These are the students who goes to duty, who are always looking forward for the snack break. The break time usually goes around 9am, and these students starts looking for the break sheet around 7am so that they can reserve their name in it to be included in the first break. “I’m stressed, therefore i eat.”

8.) The “ALDUBS” and “Pastillas boys and girls”

These are the nursing couples. These are the couples who are separated for life and becomes close to impossible to be classmates because clinical instructors arranges the block assignment in a way that these couples don’t come together. Bittermelons..

9.) The Coffee shop Scavengers

These are nursing students who spend most of the time studying on coffee shops! Starbucks, Coffee Works, Dave’s beanery, Bo’s Coffee -name it! They are there to study and pump there brains with caffiene. The technique will be – if allowance gets low at the end of the week, buy the smallest and cheapest coffee and study the whole day in that place. Pretty sure they won’t kick you out because you bought something from them. Why do we study out? Because we don’t have time to study in the day, and our clinical instructors sets so unrealistic deadlines and exam schedules. Well, that’s what they call Excellence. Weh?

10.) The Photocopier

These are the nursing students whom their group mates think they will contribute better if they just keep quiet. So instead of being a decoration of the group, he/she is tasked to do errands such us printing and photocopying stuffs. Easy as that! The group uses glucose for their brain, while you have to use it for your voluntary muscles. Well done Leader, nice logic! If Nursing is an online game, where characters is divided into three categories: Strength, Agility, Intelligence type. Everybody is Intelligence type and you are the Agility type. You do the running, we do the thinking. Well good luck by the time your clinical instructor ask questions about your paper.  

11.) The Extension collector

Yeah, you got it right! These are the students whom at the end of every semester gets the highest number of extensions. Greater than the number of hours our clinical instructors were paid for. If you’re one of them, then you’re screwed! 

12.) The Althetes

Long before our school does not allow nursing students to join the University’s varsity team due to the hectic schedules we have. One more thing, we have duties on Intramurals, local holidays like fiesta or even on our school’s holiday where all the other students from other courses are chillin’ at their crib. While us nursing students are toiling and moving our butts taking care of patients in the hospital. I bet we’ll still have duty when the world ends. Well, going back, these athlete students are so into their respective sports that they will do everything to practice and play for the upcoming Intramurals. They will practice after their assessment (the day before the actual duty when we go to the hospital to assess our patients before taking care of them the next day) , they will practice on Sundays where it will most likely be our rest day or the only day when we can study, they will practice after duty, they will practice anytime and are willing to sacrifice their time studying , just to have a play. Lastly, when the intramural day comes, and the schedule of their game is on the same day as their duty, “YOLO”! They will choose to play rather than saving lives -“LOL i’m just kidding, hahaha! I understand these athletes, because i myself was a soccer player during my student days”. I’d rather have extension rather than not playing! “So we can”t stooop …🎶🎶

13.) The potential Topnotcher

These are the smart people. It is either the ones that are smart, and let’s you copy on the exam, or the smart, but doesn’t let you copy. They eat books as their breakfast, snacks the NANDA book, drinks the Pharmacology book, sips the Medical Surgical book for lunch, and studies even when commuting on the way to school.

14.) The YOLO 

You only Live once!” These are the nursing students who love to bar hop or drink with friends from nursing or other courses. They do this maybe M-W-F basis, everyday, or whenever they feel to! “Quiz tomorrow?” YOLO. “Duty tomorrow?YOLO. That’s there life! Usually after the night’s drink, they get hangover the next day. They usually go to school wearing sunglasses to hide there sleepy red eyes. Is that you? I bet you have exam or quiz tomorrow and you came across reading this article in the internet – well you better study now. YOLO?

15.) The InstaPips

These are the nursing students who loves to take pictures and selfies on there phone. They take pictures in the canteen of the hospital. They take selfies EVERY after the end of the rotation. They take selfies of their new stethoscope – with the emphasis of “Litman”. They take selfies of the babies on the OB or Delivery room, the placenta, umbilical cord, blood, poop, poop (okay enough). They take selfies of everything! They usually have Iphones i guess? You better upgrade to a 128Gigabyte with all the pictures you have, you need a lot more space to store those files.

16.) The UNLI

These are the students, who are assigned to group message each and everyone in the class. Without these persons, everyone would have no assignment, won’t know the exam schedules, or some simple announcements. They are in-charge of posting announcements and schedules on facebook! These students are necessities in our Nursing life! On the other hand, being like this person is a pain in the ass sometimes! Your classmate tends to ask everything to you, As if the clinical instructor was your mother! In the end, they will help us a lot ! Especially whenever you wake up in the morning and you will receive a text message from them that says “ANNOUNCEMENT: no class today!”

There are a lot more i guess, but these are the notable ones. Nursing is really a difficult and tiring course. You need to put a great deal of energy towards everything. That is why when the time comes and you passed the licensure exam and get your license as a Registered Nurse, there will surely be a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction especially the NCLEX. 


Share to your own experience, or tell me a notable characteristic you usually see in your Nursing experience by commenting below. I’ll be waiting. Peace!


I am the type of person, who goes to Facebook and just scrollin’ until I bore myself. I came across numbers of posts each day. A video post, a rant post, a picture post, or a link post. It’s a lot each day! But has it ever been a time that you came across a post when/where it is Mother’s/Father’s day or maybe Grandparents day, a Birthday or whatever, and a person post a picture of his/her mother or father and the caption would “This person is the best…” Or maybe “mom/dad i love you, Happy Birthday”. Well first of all that’s totally fine! What is not fine is when people posting those shit and then the person that their referring to has NO Facebook or any way that they could see that post and all the sweet words in it! Hold yo tits! Say whuut?! If you want to say something to a person who in the first place doesn’t have a Facebook. Why don’t you say it PERSONALLY instead?

Here’s one more, someone dies in a family or relative, and people keep posting of status’ about how sad they were and how they will miss the person. Well, maybe one post is OKAY, but if every now and then you keep on posting those SHITS, “to get sympathy”?? Well, i hope the person who just died will get peace and his/her soul will raise up from the purgatory to heaven from all the LIKES and “condolence” comment you will get from that post. 

Lastly, shout out to those people, who makes some social services like giving food for the poor, educating the street children, giving feedings to a community, thinking “they’d done something good” YET taking pictures of the ACT and posting it on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Hell motha of fow! You’re no different to the politicians giving relief goods and on the packaging of the relief good theres a printed word “BINAY” or “Happy Fiesta – a message from governor ✌🏻”.

If giving or sending compassion and love is your thing, does the whole world needs to know? I know a few who celebrates their birthday feeding a community without posting it on the social media, a few you greets someone special at midnight without telling their bunch of friends how cool they were, or a few who experienced loss yet seeks no sympathy but empathy. 

“Seek Respect, not Attention : it lasts Longer” -from somebody i googled

*** To those grammar freaks : “oraaaayt!”

THE SOCIAL CLIMBERS – “kill them before they multiply”

Through technological advancement and the improvement of the internet, people tend to use these medium to express what they feel, show stuffs they want to show, or shall i say BRAG stuffs they unconsciously want to brag. Instagram a form of networking site where you can post pictures was flooded with photos of a picture of Starbuck tumbler with a hand holding it. Yeah taking pictures was fine, but imagine how ridiculous he look like making his arm like a monopod.

Have you seen guys taking pictures of a book, and then beside the book is an iPhone or a Macbook, and the caption is like “i love this book” and i was like “what’s the iPhone/Macbook for?” Like fuck, todays’ style of boasting is “bragging silently on pictures“. I bet some of those stuffs you took photo to was not yours, and if it was yours, then that’s nice, but why include it in the picture? Now the next scenario is funny. I was in this Japanese/Chinese restaurant, off course to eat (😅). A group of people came in and seated across our table to dine too. Their food was served and they began to eat. Good gracious their face are like real, legit, brown skinned full pledged Filipino and they started using chopsticks as if they were expert. So i thought “maybe they are really experts???!” So i observed, because that’s what i do, i love looking! All i could say is “countless rice and beefs have fallen! Use the freakin’ spoon my fellow native”. I am part Chinese, part Filipino and i’m not even an expert in using chopsticks. So stop being so trying hard. Lastly, are people who speak in multi languages, but it will always have a Tagalog or a Bisaya in it. For example – TagLish or BisLish ( tagalog & english or Bisaya and english). Trying to talk rich, fancy?, like “errrmerrgghad“. Just trying to show how incompetent they are in completing a simple sentence. Let’s be humble okay? And be real of who we are, because in the end, after you have spent a PHP160 worth of Caramel frappuccinno-Venti size in Starbucks and took 2 pictures of it so that you can post the first picture tonight and the other would be posted few days after, so that people think your going to Starbucks regularly, and then when you get home, you’d still go back eating egg mixed w/ ampalaya cooked by your mom, or maybe when you’re a student and you are on a “dorm life”, you’d end up broke at the end of the week.

So keep it real pips, don’t force thy selves! And for those who are rich enough to buy those stuffs, just be humble every now and then okay? So yeah!
**to those grammar freaks: “oraayt”