Freedom an illusion?


Finding the good on the the bad things is quite difficult to comprehend sometimes. Handling such stress and choices is arbitrary. My professor in philosophy spoke to us in class about making choices. If people around you gives you the ability to choose, one might think how great it is to be able to have the freedom to pick which is which according to your own discretion or want. Yet, if you think of it on the flip side of the coin, choosing is like someone passing the weight of a cross to you. Choosing can be difficult, it gives you work to think what to pick – this? Or this? In connection, choosing makes you think: “if i choose this, will they be pleased with my choice? “. This is the “freewill” every mankind have innate. Maybe most couples can relate when it comes to decision making, even when deciding where to eat. Thus the dictum is reflected on our society today. Laws are made to maintained and protect the rights of every person. We are given “freedom”, choices to do something based on our will to judge which is good to do, or which is the bad. Because such actions have a corresponding responsibility. We are living in a free and democratic country, but are we really free, if we are still bound to the rules of our government? Are we really free if we just can’t smack anyone on the street or someday we hated the most. While on contrary, when man was still a barbaric creature, lurking in the wild, in the forest or anywhere, aren’t they more free than us today? They can do anything they want, no rules, no norms. Sometimes, the idea just pass on our mind, how complex the society, in a mere philosophy of choosing, freewill, and choices. It seems like society trying to instill in our minds – “you are free man” but not really. This thing is mind fucking us, which may resolve to the decision of agreeing to disagree between two bands of life. If peace and order is our ultimate goal then, we have to embrace this.

What’s your thoughts about it?


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