Better to aim High and miss, than to aim Low and hit

I entered my Alma Mater once again. It has only been 8 months since I have been a fully pledged alumnus and roughly 5 months ago when I became a registered nurse. The school corridors have been the battle ground of every student, and so it was for me.  Every college has its own unique forte and strong points, yet there has been one distinct college which has been raising tarpaulins every year around the city, stacking with photos of nurses who successfully topped the board exam. The success and excellence of this particular college was been made possible through the passion and leadership of this particular lady – known as the “mother” of her own college which she resides currently as the dean.

              Dr. Ramona Heidi Palad – Xavier University’s College of Nursing dean

Dr. Ramona Heidi Palad RN, MAEd, MAN, Phd – Xavier University’s Dean of the college of Nursing. Since the establishment of the college in the year 1993, up until the present – she has led the college to what is known as of today as one of the “Best” performing not only in the city but also in the Philippines. On the other hand, she is known to be committed on producing high quality competent nurses, backed up with outstanding records during annual Nursing Licensure Exams – with a superb statistic of 100% passing rate and with at least four topnotchers for the past two consecutive board exams.

Amidst the hectic schedule as a dean, I am very pleased and honored to have a chance to interview her for the first time. I entered a familiar spacious office, and greeted her with a hand shake. A woman with likes of her, who embodies excellence and prestige, has unknowingly had a jubilant aura – thus best exemplifies a “Mother” of her college.

As our conversation continuous, I asked her what might be the challenges/difficulties she had faced to reach the status and popularity this college has become.

“Well first of all, without these challenges we will not achieve what we have today – this serves as our motivation to be better, do more, to be the best and competitive in the market… on the other hand, if the Passion of what you are doing dies, there will never be a motivation to improve and to excel.” She continued. “I have been here in this college for more than a decade, and if I don’t have the passion and love on what I am doing.… I might as well have resigned a long time ago, but I really love teaching, this is my passion…” she added.

Dr. Ramona Heidi Palad RN, MAEd, MAN, PhD


In conclusion – she delivered a valuable statement for the upcoming takers for the Nursing Licensure exam this November: “Hard work, Faith, positive thinking and Prayer. You have toiled so hard, and worked so hard for the exam already. Acknowledge God, in whatever we do because He is the source of everything.  Believe and be confident within yourself and the Almighty will surely give what is due to you”.

In connection, the city’s one of its top performing school has been producing quality Nurses from one of its department which we presently known as the Xavier University’s College of Nursing. The leadership, guidance and commitment of Mrs. Ramona Palad led to a remarkable success and milestone of this institution thus best exemplifies the essence of excellence. All the hard work, patience and time had paid off – as the quote goes “no pain, no gain”. We should always remember that everything is difficult before it will become “easy”. We may fall ones, twice, or many times as we assert our efforts to succeed, thus we should challenge ourselves to believe what matters to us the most – to achieve competence.

It seems it has been implanted in the bottom of our heads, to seek greatness, achieve more and never settle for less. “Quality over quantity”, and brilliance rather than mediocrity. Each and every individual has been striving to be on top and hone ones talent! And this idea relevantly played a role on our decisions in life and career, hence we endeavor for perfection – we should strive for excellence.

Each one of us is facing our own personal battle. We have our own dreams and ambitions. Always do your best in everything that you do. We all have experienced few situations where we settle of being “good enough is good enough”.  But we may not often times be the top of everything, but in any case what is essential is that we stay unyielding to be the best and never settle for less. In the end on every task we ask ourselves – “Did I give it my all? Could I have done more?”  


Being excellent is not something we have decided one day. If this is the whole point, then everyone in the world decides to be the best. Aiming for fineness needs a lot of work and perseverance. It is not given, nor decided and self proclaimed. It is toiled upon and earned, just like a barren land being cultivated or a dull sword being sharpened. May we always remember that there will never be a shortcut to success and excellence; in the conclusion may we invariably remember to aimed high in everything that we do and constantly challenge ourselves to give more than what is expected of us.








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