Hands down, Barbecue Station’s barbecue is by far the best Barbecue in CDO.

No fancy advertisement or events, just quality product.

What started as just a side vendor by divisoria, BBQ station grew into a multi-branch family restaurant. However, the journey wasn’t so easy, the owners drew hardships as they tried to establish their product. But as the years go by, its popularity grew due to its juicy, tender and delicious barbecues. The sought after tender, juicy bbq meat is marinated from the secret family recipe. You could even live just by eating their sauce with rice. At present it has 10 branches strategically located around Cagayan de Oro.



Their Barbecues has been everyones favorite especially among the students. It is a perfect meal for parties, birthdays or any types of celebration. Although the taste may seem like it came from a 5 star restaurant, the price is actually very affordable and suits the masses. For only 15 Pesos, you could already find heaven on a piece of stick.

For orders:
Please visit any BBQ STATION branch in the city. Or call them !

Dial: 0906-678-2222 for orders.


“We’re open when you’re hungry” – Hungry Plate 

Everything is great when it’s grilled. Grilled burgers, Barbecues and more. A place where families can get together, eat and walk out the restaurant feeling fully satisfied.

On Today’s blog post, I am going to share my experience of this newly opened restaurant – THE HUNGRY PLATE. Found on Corrales street, Cagayan de oro city, beside Boy Zugba and fronting BFB – The Hungry Plate surely is a great competition to the other family restaurants surrounding it.

They have fries, milk shakes, and not to mention BIG burgers! Of course it comes with a reasonable price. A warm and cozy resto to be with family or with someone special for a date!

Highlights of our dinner was the mushroom soup placed on a huge bowl made of bread with a bun to cover it and the “mouth watering” Mud pie.

The Hungry plate is surely a new place to try! They have Great food and service that will surely satisfy your Hungry tummy. Try them out! and comment down below your experience with them!

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PS: I would love to thank Ms. Erika Legaspi for these great pictures. You can catch her on Instagram: erika.legaspi

“Born of Fire” – The Camiguin Island Adventure

Summer is about to end. The last stretch of our vacation heat is bidding its farewell. As we unpack our bag-packs full of swim wears, we tried to catch up before the summer signs out.
Last May 27, 2016 – our destination was the Camiguin Island. It was a rush! We woke up around 3:00 am to catch the bus ride at 5:00 am. A 2 hour bus ride from Cagayan de Oro to Balingoan and another 1-2 hours of boat ride from Balingoan port to Camiguin Island.

It would personally be my first time setting foot in Camiguin. An island known to be one of the nearest top tourist destination for individuals specially from the Visayas and Mindanao. Away from the busy streets of the city, and the raging heat from the combustion of vehicles – Camiguin is surely a sanctuary for every individuals seeking refuge to the environment.

While riding the boat, you can already see from afar the island – Green at its bottom and the top mountains covered with the sky’s thin clouds.
We landed at the island at last – around 8:00 in the morning.

The availability of means of transportation is a very important aspect on every destination traveled.
Transportation available in the island are the following:

  • Multicab
  • Vans (Hiace)
  • “Bangka”
  • Motorela
  • Motorcycle (“single”)
  • Jeepneys

There are no Taxis available. So if you are tourists visiting the place, it would be an advantage if the group have their own private car.

As of us group of six(6) – we rented a multicab for only P1,700 (max 8 people) – good already for eight(8) hours. On the other hand, the sheer number of motorela made it a bit difficult to commute in other areas of the island.
PS: motorela fare is around 10-20 pesos.

A place to stay is also a very important aspect on any vacation getaway! The increasing number of beach resorts and Inns, pave the way to an array of choices for tourists. Few of which boasts the “view” of the beach from their Inns. Some also have a reasonable cheaper selections. We stayed at PAGUIA’s cottages, this is a cheap lodging house near PARAS and WHITE ISLAND resort.


For only P1,500 – We have obtained a room good for six(6) and an advantage of having only a walking distance towards the bangka port going the the infamous White Island – a must-go tourist destination in Camiguin.

White Island
The “White Island” is one of the tourist destination found just ashore the main island.

It is an islet of white sand, and provides a great scenery of Camiguin Island. To those selfie addicts and instagram/snapchat whores – this is the place to be!


Casa Roca Inn
One motorela drive from our hotel is a place called Casa Roca. This is just a regular place to chill, hang-out and dine but with an extraordinary scenery.




This place is best visited around 5:00pm when the sun is about to set. Located at a cliff and on the side of the island where the sun goes down – this place is surely something worth the try.

The Lagoon Restaurant
People calls this restaurant “Lagoon” for a reason. This restaurant is located near the Camiguin port. Anybody could stop-by to dine.


Comparable to the Panagatan of Opol Misamis Oriental, this restaurant also has a sea view and a taste of the Islands delicacies – Sea foods! They have Kayaks and Zipline for P100 AND P250 per ride respectively.

Cold Springs
We went to St. Nino cold spring and it was freakin’ ice cold. Springs like this is sought after by the masses due to its affordability and wallet friendly character. St. Nino cold spring has huge pools ranging from 3 feet to their deepest 7 feet. To combat the heat of the El Nino Phenomenon – the St. Nino caold spring is a go! (how ironic)

Mantigue Island
A new tourist destination, that everybody must try! Few kilometers away from the main island is an islet called Mantigue Island. Just like the White Island, this can be visited through a 550 pesos boat ride.

The island boasts its “Sanctuary” – which people can swim, snorkel and experience the captivating views of huge coral reefs.

ALERT! Every movement you make in this tour sheds money!

My overall experience was quite fascinating. The island, the hospitality of the people and the great scenery. Surely something worth to be called a “Tourist destination” here in the Philippines.

The Camiguin Island is a peaceful and beautiful region. Full of nature’s bounty and great people – let us take care and nurture our environment and recollect our actions. In Lieu of bringing harm, let us preserve what we have and let the future generation see what we saw – thus giving them a chance to savor the experience we have felt.

“It’s more Fun in the Philippines

How to live in a “hotel” for the rest of your life

The increase of the human population throughout the past decade, prove to us how a living “Space” is quite a necessity nowadays. The boom in the area of infrastructure in any Metro city is also the beginning of utilization of our “air spaces”.  These including sky scrapers, and gigantic buildings – which are now few of the most sought after business in the modern era.

Hand in hand, the individuals whose livelihoods are found on the urban areas – seeks shelter near the vicinity of their jobs. The convenience of having a nearby living space plays a big factor in the market and the people needing it.

Last May 14, 2016 – marked the Top-Off ceremony of one (1) of the condominiums which is about to rise here in Cagayan de Oro city. S.M.A.R.T. Condominium located in Fr. Masterson Avenue, fronting Phase-I Xavier Estates Subdivision is opting to rise in the near end this year.

It said to boast the qualities of:

S–Safety, M–Money’s worth investment, A–Affordable Luxury, R–Relaxing Lifestyle, and T–Technology.

Though the letters’ M and A’s meaning is quite redundant already. The investors of the said condominium promised to have a luxurious experience with a good touch of modern technology but in an affordable/reasonable price! Packed with SAMSUNG’s latest gadgets and modern security facility – this is surely a way-to-go to all tech savvies out there seeking home in middle of the city.

Considering the size of this condominium, this is not as huge as some of the rising condominiums here in the city – such as the Ayala Condominium, and the One Oasis by Filinvest. Thus the SMART Condominium is comparable to a “hotel” – which is smaller than your average condominium but packed with luxury touch and high-end techs.

The boom of the city’s economy led to the continuing progress and rise of various infrastructures. The need of an affordable living space is must have in today’s demanding environment.  Living on hotels, studio type apartments and condominiums is the “IN” of this present time.

Therefore, choosing one should fit the individual’s need, and one’s buck.



For more information of SMART Condominium, please visit their Facebook page, of visit their site Uptown Cagayan de Oro city, Msgr. Masterson Avenue – fronting Xavier Estates Phase-I where transactions can be settled faster.




My voting experience

Today May 9, 2016, commence the advent of the Philippine Election. After years under the Aquino administration, the time has come to choose new government officials in the Philippines.

I woke up early today – earlier than the last election. I have learned my lesson and that is – “the earlier you vote the better!” We arrived at our designated precinct at exactly six (6) in the morning. Our humble community is still at tranquil state. I experienced a hassle free travel from home to my precinct – Indeed a perfect time to vote.

In my whole lifetime, this election would be my second time voting. Compared to the previous, this year’s election has a great impact towards me. The advancement and the great influence of Social Media paved the way to this seemingly “roller coaster” ride election.

I arrived at my designated classroom and a woman looked through my records – including my name and precinct number. Next, she gave me a long piece of paper which is the exact ballot where I will be shading my vote. I grabbed the wooden chair in the corner, and carefully opened my marker – trying not to vandalize my voting paper. After I have finished shading the ballot, I approached the point person on the front desk and inserted my ballot to the “Vote counting machine” (VCM) where it is about to read my ballot. A piece of so-called receipt has come out and the volunteer cut it out for me to have my final check before I will be leaving it to a small ballot box. Lastly, a drop of indelible ink into my index finger, indicating I have official voted.

Well, that was quite a breeze – evident of course because I have arrived early than the others. By around eight (8) in the morning, a flock of people has arrived. I am sure there are millions of Filipinos in the country who has a worse experience to tell.

Vote buying is still evident. In fact, someone approached me for one!

I hoped everyone have voted, not only because Starbucks has announced a free drink but because as a citizen – it is our right and responsibility to vote.

Voting is an act of being a responsible citizen. An act of unity amongst men in this nation.


What’s your voting experience? share it us – comment down below!

I would love to hear from you!


Favorite TV hosts

This list includes my all time favorite TV host personalities.

  1. Jimmy Fallon 

Let’s start with my Top 5 most favorite. This spot belongs to Jimmy Fallon. An Emerging host of this generation – the TV host of the late night talk show “The Tonight Show”. He started from a humble beginning before he joined and started his career at the infamous comedy show call the “Saturday Night Live”. He can sing, act, and he has made a number of hilarious skits which I fond to watch before.  Search him up! Especially on YouTube, which also you can find the other 4 TV hosts I will be listing below.

  1. James Corden 

The New TV host of the “The Late Late Show” and also one of the actors of the movie “Into the woods” – this British man has the talent of singing in his blood. His early career started at Broadway. Corden is a talent worth watching for his sheer likability, musical and comedy talent, and genuine love of culture, pop and otherwise. Try to watch his videos – it is undeniably endearing, energetic and star studded hour of television.


  1. Ellen Degeneres 


Down to Top 3! And it’s Ellen! Who doesn’t know Ellen? The “Ellen Degeneres Show” is the funniest talk show ever, long before the two (2) jimmy and james. She tickles the funny bone and doesn’t crack a smile while you are dying from laughing. She started as a stand-up comedian, and her success story as she climbs up to success is surely something inspiring. Every show she have is something worth watching.

  1. Jimmy Kimmel 

Jimmy Fallon used to be my Top 1. His jokes are funny and genuine. I have been watching him for years now. His humor seems to come out genuinely – not scripted, not forced. He sometimes have guest interviews which he handles with fluency – I really find it hard to be as spontaneous as he is. Really a show and host that is must watch!


  1. Conan O’Brien 

My new all time favorite and Top 1 on this list! Conan O’Brien! Words are not enough to describe how outrageous the humor of this guy! Search him up in YouTube and few of his skits which garners millions of views. You will surely love his show like I do!


Tell me who are your favorites! comment down below! Let us know! :D

Search them up on YouTube! Here are the links:










Smart Bro’s Hottest Deal this Summer! 4G Pocket WiFi P888

“Fall in Love, Stay in Love – and it will decide everything” – Fr. Pedro Arrupe SJ

What drives you to wake up every day?

The advancement of technology and the improvement of society’s way of interacting with each other have paved individuals’ ways to communicate to each other. Which means Love is just around the corner for everyone. Every person has the same exact chance to find someone whom someday he/she could call “mine” with the help of these medium.

Yet amidst all the aid technology could give – Love is still a Phenomenon that is considered to be #HardtoGets. Even a five or a ten years relationship could still experience trials and obstacles along the way – which on the other hand  – a month old relationship might have worked better.

Love is a limitless. It is part of our book of life, like a “page number” – found on every sheet and we pass on it every now and then without knowing. You ask me what’s the #HardtoGets in life?

That would be finding someone to LOVE.  It is frightening, but thrilling.

I have been in a relationship for almost 5 years now. This number of year will make every parent out there roll their eyes that have experienced ten or more. Our relationship is what all could say as like a rollercoaster – sometimes it’s up, sometimes it’s down but overall it’s fun and amazing! Simply something #HardtoGet, hard to find, hard to comply and hard to maintain – but worth everything.

Few months from now – she’s about to leave. Flew she go to the Hockey Land of Canada! We may experience few months in a long distance relationship (hopefully) before we would be able to see again.

Good thing SmartBro is now more affordable than before! Now as low as P888, it is already preloaded with 150MB connect up to 10 devices and best paired with SurfMax 85, communication anytime and anywhere around the world is within reach. This is surely HOTTEST and BEST DEAL this summer! Speed is Might! With its new 4G coverage, a good old talk with your loved ones like I do will surely brings you closer.

If there’s a will, there’s a way! Grab it now!

Let love be the reason on everything we do. LOVE is #HardtoGetPhenom” – yet worth waking up everyday, worth everything.

“Para kanino ka gumigising?” 





More information of the product here:

4G Pocket WiFi SRP: P888

Preload: 150MB valid for 30 days

Speed: Up to 12 Mbps

Connections: up to 10 devices

Benefits of a Smart Bro 4G Pocket Wifi:

  • WiFi for sharing – Share one Internet connection among family and friends so you can all surf together.
  • Multi-gadget connection – Connect your tablet, smartphone, laptop, and more! Your Smart Bro Pocket WiFi can provide WiFi to up to 10 of your devices.
  • Mobility – Bring Internet connection anywhere you go so you’re always online.
  • Powered by the largest broadband connection – Enjoy ultra-fast speeds powered by multiple cell sites all over the country.

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