If there’s a will, there’s a way

Not everyone was born lucky. Some were born rich, while others were not. There are those who were gifted with beauty, while there others who are  lacking on that area. In other words – there are a million of probability we may be born in this world. Yet for sure we are not born what we ideally wanted to be.

Thus i think that this is what makes us all busy everyday. For example: some people work really hard – to be successful and earn well someday, because they are those who may lack in the financial area. Well some are blessed to have lots of money: yet may be “lacking” on the “Love” area – so they may be traveling the world using their money to find someone. There are a tremendous amount of stories that every individual might tale tell. That is what makes us busy everyday – achieving what we want, and reaching for our dreams.

This is Popoy Bugsa, a 46 year old “sikad driver”. He has a “Sikad” which is a common yet cheap means of transportation here in Cagayan de Oro city. This vehicle is usually run by a bicycle but Popoy’s “sikad” is run by a Motorcycle.


Instead on sitting on the motorcycle, he sits on the passenger seat as he drives this vehicle

We were about to bound to Cogon in Cagayan de oro City to buy some decorations last christmas, yet we found ourselves stuck at the traffic situation in CM Recto Avenue and Corrales Street. We found him beside a mall fronting Nazareno Church. He was sitting on his “sikad” when my eyes caught him because of his peculiar type of vehicle using.

You would be amaze how this guy was able to maneuver his vehicle. Honestly, at first i was really scared. He rides his motorcycle with his right hand holding the vehicle’s left handle! Well at first i was skeptical, but as we are about to reach our destination, i thought- “this guy’s good!”.

This guy deserves a recognition and an individual whom anyone can look up to as an example – and for not letting his disability hinder him to something productive for himself. We seldom complain even on a subtle difficulty we encounter at school, at work, or at home. While other people in the persona of Mr. Bugsa who makes the most of what he have and what he can do.

May this guy serve as a motivation to everyone. We tend to overlook the blessings we have and less appreciative on the gifts bestowed on us. In lieu, we might as well use these as an instrument to succeed and achieve our goals in life.

So the next time you feel “you can’t do it“. Think of such individuals like this humble “sikad” driver.

If there’s a will, there’s a way.


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