Cagayan de Oro city: Street kids


three street kids in Divisoria

The “City of Golden Friendship” – found in the Northern part of the largest island in the Philippines. Plunged with abundant resources, few sky rocketing buildings, and a booming economy – Cagayan de Oro is surely a place full of potential. Beyond the face of “Dr. Jekyll” the city showboats to everyone, we seemingly overlooked a fact. Simultaneous to the rise of this city, is the addendum of the number of “street childrens” who are of which addicted to solvents. 

On similar grounds – considering we are inhabiting a country predominantly Christians. Children at schools are pre filled with values of “generousity” or we often instilled by our parents/guardians the quote – “it is better to give than to recieve”. Yes! we pity them, we sympathize at their situation, thus we tend to give. Cooking and preparing food has never been convenient, hence it is our propensity to offer goods in a form of money to those children. As a reasonable sequitur from that act, is an unending cycle of the problem. The lad stays on the street addicted to solvents, begs for money, you gave some “peso” , and then they buy again. What’s peculiar about these kids is that they seems to leveled up! Before they ask for money to fund their addiction, now they have the guts to ask for “Big Mac”, “shake shake fries” – these are specific demands. Unquestionably these are the reasons why they never left the streets. Too dependent to other people, and relieved that somebody everyday is going to give them something, whether it is money or food. 

Is it Just and reasonable to spoon feed these children found in our city’s streets? On religious note – is it wrong not to give or be generous for a good reason. Ivan Pavlov an influential behaviorist, developed the theory of “Classical Conditioning” which says “behavior can be changed through conditioning with external or environmental conditions or stimuli“. In connection to our society – if we stop to allot monetary goods which is their stimulus to stay on the streets, then their behaviors will change. Number one, they may tend to move to other location. Second, dependence is avoided thus instills independence and the will to find something for a living is upheld. The stimuli has been removed, and i strongly believe this will benefit everyone.

In conclusion, sometimes it is good to play the “Mr. Hyde“. Just like how we are scolded or spank by our parents in the past whenever we tend be egocentric or if we did something bad. It is seldom fit and reasonable to do these actions to procure something good and of benefit not only only for the society but also to these target individuals. 

Do not agree? Comment down below about your thoughts and stance towards the said topic ! I would love to hear from you! 


2 thoughts on “Cagayan de Oro city: Street kids

  1. These children are at risk for
    Exploitation or worse. Predators make easy pray
    By any defenseless, or homeless people.

    Instead of deprivation try compassion… The church should be the first to relieve the suffering. Where are the
    Honest kindhearted people of
    The Philippines?

    Charity begins at home. Don’t look for anyone else to
    Solve a social problem endemic to the culture.

    Evaluate and take action.


    • I do understand your point. But it seems it is Just Easily said than done. The mere fact we supply them monetary goods doesn’t do any good to them rather entice them to stay in the streets which endangers them more to vehicular accidents and substance abuse. In situations like this, compassion and wit should be used.
      On the other hand we just can’t throw them any organizations which you just think is a “helpful” organization just like the church. Be mindful that the church is not that rich in the first place and it is not an orphanage or some sort by origin.

      If action should be done, then reporting them to authorities which have greater power and resources is better than delegating them to the church which some even have scarce resources because it solely depend on donations.


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