CDO’s Traffic situation

Under the raging heat of the sun, and the buzzing mechanical machines occupying the city streets, every day seems to be a struggle. Cagayan de Oro is a city situated at the northern part of Mindanao, strategically located beside a river, where every other civilization has started – near a body of water. The continuous growth of this city led to the development of buildings, businesses, opportunities, and immense increase of population due to migration of families from the southern areas of Mindanao. 

Pabayo Divisoria , Cagayan de oro city

Hand in hand with this superb economic and social growth, the traffic situation of CDO is in a dire situation. With the increase of city occupants and their new cars as well as public drivers whose head is as hard as the statue of Rizal in Divisoria, forced the not so spacious city streets into a frenzied jungle. 

In connection, If we look at the city map, our streets are like webs of small but numerous number of routes. Current scenarios of improper parking, parallel parking and unnecessary check point of vehicles on restricted loading areas makes our humbly two lane street into a one lane roadway. 

Is it the uncontrolled growth of private and public vehicles or is it the improper implementation of “one way” “two way” routes to compensate our small sized streets? Or could it be the stature of discipline drivers give while driving? Nobody really knows except those who are experts in handling this cases, such as few departments in our government. 

Therefore, I emphasize that those individuals who own a vehicle or those who operate one, should lose the mentality of thinking as the “King of the road”. Responsible individuals that abide street laws, those who don’t stand above the law by discriminating what kind of car we are riding, or which organization we belong – whether you are a Mason, an Eagle, or an “alfa omega palaban mama”

The technical duties of ensuring a smooth and great freeway is in the hands of our government but it will never be achieved without cooperation, discipline and a sense of responsibility from the people.


Better to aim High and miss, than to aim Low and hit

I entered my Alma Mater once again. It has only been 8 months since I have been a fully pledged alumnus and roughly 5 months ago when I became a registered nurse. The school corridors have been the battle ground of every student, and so it was for me.  Every college has its own unique forte and strong points, yet there has been one distinct college which has been raising tarpaulins every year around the city, stacking with photos of nurses who successfully topped the board exam. The success and excellence of this particular college was been made possible through the passion and leadership of this particular lady – known as the “mother” of her own college which she resides currently as the dean.

              Dr. Ramona Heidi Palad – Xavier University’s College of Nursing dean

Dr. Ramona Heidi Palad RN, MAEd, MAN, Phd – Xavier University’s Dean of the college of Nursing. Since the establishment of the college in the year 1993, up until the present – she has led the college to what is known as of today as one of the “Best” performing not only in the city but also in the Philippines. On the other hand, she is known to be committed on producing high quality competent nurses, backed up with outstanding records during annual Nursing Licensure Exams – with a superb statistic of 100% passing rate and with at least four topnotchers for the past two consecutive board exams.

Amidst the hectic schedule as a dean, I am very pleased and honored to have a chance to interview her for the first time. I entered a familiar spacious office, and greeted her with a hand shake. A woman with likes of her, who embodies excellence and prestige, has unknowingly had a jubilant aura – thus best exemplifies a “Mother” of her college.

As our conversation continuous, I asked her what might be the challenges/difficulties she had faced to reach the status and popularity this college has become.

“Well first of all, without these challenges we will not achieve what we have today – this serves as our motivation to be better, do more, to be the best and competitive in the market… on the other hand, if the Passion of what you are doing dies, there will never be a motivation to improve and to excel.” She continued. “I have been here in this college for more than a decade, and if I don’t have the passion and love on what I am doing.… I might as well have resigned a long time ago, but I really love teaching, this is my passion…” she added.

Dr. Ramona Heidi Palad RN, MAEd, MAN, PhD


In conclusion – she delivered a valuable statement for the upcoming takers for the Nursing Licensure exam this November: “Hard work, Faith, positive thinking and Prayer. You have toiled so hard, and worked so hard for the exam already. Acknowledge God, in whatever we do because He is the source of everything.  Believe and be confident within yourself and the Almighty will surely give what is due to you”.

In connection, the city’s one of its top performing school has been producing quality Nurses from one of its department which we presently known as the Xavier University’s College of Nursing. The leadership, guidance and commitment of Mrs. Ramona Palad led to a remarkable success and milestone of this institution thus best exemplifies the essence of excellence. All the hard work, patience and time had paid off – as the quote goes “no pain, no gain”. We should always remember that everything is difficult before it will become “easy”. We may fall ones, twice, or many times as we assert our efforts to succeed, thus we should challenge ourselves to believe what matters to us the most – to achieve competence.

It seems it has been implanted in the bottom of our heads, to seek greatness, achieve more and never settle for less. “Quality over quantity”, and brilliance rather than mediocrity. Each and every individual has been striving to be on top and hone ones talent! And this idea relevantly played a role on our decisions in life and career, hence we endeavor for perfection – we should strive for excellence.

Each one of us is facing our own personal battle. We have our own dreams and ambitions. Always do your best in everything that you do. We all have experienced few situations where we settle of being “good enough is good enough”.  But we may not often times be the top of everything, but in any case what is essential is that we stay unyielding to be the best and never settle for less. In the end on every task we ask ourselves – “Did I give it my all? Could I have done more?”  


Being excellent is not something we have decided one day. If this is the whole point, then everyone in the world decides to be the best. Aiming for fineness needs a lot of work and perseverance. It is not given, nor decided and self proclaimed. It is toiled upon and earned, just like a barren land being cultivated or a dull sword being sharpened. May we always remember that there will never be a shortcut to success and excellence; in the conclusion may we invariably remember to aimed high in everything that we do and constantly challenge ourselves to give more than what is expected of us.







Movie Theater Stereotypes

Since the advent of the multimedia industry, people have been hooked and have been patronizing Movie watching and these other medium of entertainment. The fascination of people grew, which led to the creation of movies.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, we have continued to patronize watching movies on theatres. It has been a fun and enjoyable pass time for friends and family around the world.

We have experienced and met a lot of people and personalities inside the cinema’s premises. Thus, in connection – I have summarized few types of people which we usually see inside a cinema.

Ready? Here we go:


The Person who eats your snack

Often times we go to a movie theatre and we bring lots and lots of foods and snacks. This is what everybody does to make the experience worthwhile. Yet despite the time and money we spent to buy those snacks, we have company who shares with us. These individuals are the “Moochers”. They scavenge your food, and they even eat a lot more of your humble snacks than you do.

The Bathroom Champion

These are individuals who miss a lot of scenes in the movie due to constant visit to the comfort rooms. They seem to have a miniature bladder that they tend to be going be going to the “CR” every so often. On the other hand, despite this kind of problem they have, they still consume ice tea and other beverages, which make them feel the urge of urinating more.


The Texter

In my opinion – these are the individuals who have the best Theatre Etiquette(sarcasm alert). They love to check their cellular phones during the movie experience. Bottom line – these people are annoying. To all regular movie goers out there – please turn off your phone. We came here to watch a movie, not to check our texts or Facebook through Facebook’s free data service.


The Karate Kid

These are the people seated at our back, who love to place their feet on the back of our chairs. Few people are surely guilty about this. They rest their foot and keeps on kicking, throughout the duration of the movie. Which makes our experience feel like hell.


The PDA (public display of affection)

These are usually couple, who seats on the top and secluded part of the cinema. They usually chose to be there to do some stuffs, you know what I mean. It seems as if they are not watching the movie anymore. Get a room folks.


The Loud Laugh
There are two types of these people – either they laugh so hard, that their voice is louder than the Dolby Surround audio system of the cinema. Or individuals who laughs a lot even if there is nothing funny about the scene. These are manic individuals – with excessive energy within them.

The Loud Eater

These are those who brings a lot of snacks – from chips, drinks, etc. These people ate like a Viking. They eat so loud. Who will constantly hear the crack of the chips as they masticate their food, and the brass sound of their plastic wrappers. The sound of their food as they ate eat is either distracting or it makes you hungry, especially if you haven’t brought one.


The Cold Girl
Beware Boyfriends and Husbands! These are girl who gets cold and seldom ask for a jacket or a warm coat. These are girls who need a little warm hug while watching the movie. So for men out there – “do the move”.

The Smuggler

There are few Cinemas out there that still do not allow bringing food inside the premises. The Smugglers are the ones who hide the food very well inside their bags, shirt, and pants or wherever it is possible. Are you one of them? A real risk taker – just to have a chance to eat inside while watching.


The Spoiler Fan

These are the person who loves to spoil the movie. They have researched about the movie in Wikipedia, or have read the book version of the movie. They love to talk and spill some information while watching. Some of these individuals are “Harry potter”, “TwilightGEEKS. They keep on saying – “that’s not in the book”!! or “the book is definitely better”. They have known the plot before hand, and keep on saying what is going to happen next.



In the end, I am pretty sure there are many types of people with different personalities that we have encountered inside the Cinema Theatres. Watching a movie has long been one of the past time of individuals and there are different reasons why we are fond of this activity.

Comment down below, and share to us your personal experiences – I would love to hear from you!


Tips on Studying Smart

If you have come across this article, then it is either you were desperate to ace/pass an exam, or you are someone who thought – “hey, this can be helpful in the future”. Well, that puts a lot of pressure on me. I better give some good advice.


Everyone has surely experienced something they needed to study for, be it a report, a quiz or a major exam. I guess nobody wants to fail a test. Well, I myself have been through a lot of studying in my life. In fact when I was still in grade school, I was always excited to study – I read the preface of the book (That was hilarious). On the contrary as time went by, I learned the whole gist of study habits which aided me to accomplish and be productive as much as possible when studying. I want to share some of these tips and habits, and I hope this may assist you in every way possible. These are the tips and tricks to study Smarter rather than Longer. Here we go!

1. Study in advance

All the tips listed below will be nothing if this can’t be accomplished. Always try to anticipate when the exam will be happening, the type of exam, and the difficulty level of the exam you will be taking. This is an effective method to really absorb and understand the topic you are studying. On the other hand – this can help boost your confidence while answering, since you have a long duration of preparation. Confidence is everything.

2. Small short chunks

The more, the merrier?” – Well not in studying. Try to avoid studying four or more hours straight. Don’t worry, I am also much guilty on this habit. Research shows that study sessions are most effective in “small short chunks”. Instead of cramming 10 hours nonstop, it is more effective to spread out on a 20-30 minutes study session over a few weeks. Our brain can better absorb short and repeated session than a long bulky one. This may not be true to the habits of everyone, but hey! It’s evidenced based practice.

3. No Overnighters

These are for the “crammers”. Try to avoid studying overnight – this is not effective. After prolonged nocturnal sessions – reasoning and memory will surely be affected. Instead, try to set a time during the day when to study and do this throughout the week. Thus this tip can also be combined to the tip above – “small short chunk”.

4. Set Specific goals

We all have experienced when we tend to clump a pile of book and try our best to read as much book as we can. Well, this might not be that very effective. Try to list specific and concise goals when studying for that specific day. In congruence to my Nursing career, I call this “daily plan of activities”. Try to list down every specific action on a specific time frame. For example – from 1pm to 2pm “I’m going to read chapter one”. This is really helpful to maximize and track your time when studying.

Daily plan of Activities
sample “Daily plan of Activities”

5. No Music

Some of us have gotten used to studying while listening to a favourite track on our mp3’s or phones. Yet unfortunately “Spotify pips”, according to recent studies – this can be detrimental to focus. In contrast, individuals who studies on a quiet surrounding have better outcomes. So the next time you see someone studying with an earphone on their ears – always think, your studying the better way.

6. Flash cards

Not everything you read will retain instantly. Its very useful to have an index card, or based on my personal experience –use a small booklet. You can specifically write everything you still don’t know something you need to memorize. These flash cards or booklets are very handy and convenient. When you are commuting or doing nothing as of the moment, you can pop it open from your pocket and read. A good and productive way to maximize time.

7. Sacred place

We all have a sacred and sweet place when we study. It can be our own room, the living room, dining table, a sweet shop, Starbucks? Try to study where you are comfortable being at. A place where everything you needed for studying is ready and set to go. “I need Caramel Frappuccino to study” – Starbucks pips.

8. Practice makes Perfect… but nobody’s…Pra..c..

Practice, practice and practice. This is one of the most effective ways to be ready and answer the tests well. This boost your confidence and familiarity towards the topic being learned and studied. On the other hand, it will harness your time management when answering which lessens anxiety because it will give you more time to review your paper before passing.

9 . Put away your phone

Really? Should I still continue? Put away your phone, and stop multi-tasking. You can always do that at the end of your study session. Treat it as a reward, that you will be able to use your phone or laptop after you have finished studying.


That was it! I hope it had enlightened you in any way possible, and may it help everyone as they start flipping the pages of their book/ e-books.
Education has been a very important part of our live. Students are fighting a battle everyday at school. A particular person told me once – “Strive and work hard today, so tomorrow you won’t have to – rather than slacking today, and tomorrow you’ll be working hard”


A time honored Filipino Tradition

We packed our stuffs, brought a litre of water and few stuffs for our destination. Cagayan de Oro has its busy streets and sky rocketing malls but now, we are retreating from that scenery and will be going to a church found at the foot of Bukidnon – Cawayanon Church. This church only opens during the first Wednesday and Friday of the month. And when the church’s doors open itself to the public, a crowd will surely huddle to be there to pay respect, pray and ask for blessing.

Cawayanon church - Manolo Fortich Bukidnon
Cawayanon church – Manolo Fortich Bukidnon
Last May 2015 we went here – on its first Wednesday. Back then, it was 30 days left till our National Licensure Exam in Nursing. It was not only us who have thought on going there on that day. On that very day, a large crowd of nursing board takers gathered at the church to ask for blessing and guidance. We brought our exam folder, pencils, ball pens and even our review papers. We positioned our stuffs in front of the altar of which arrays of things from other people were also situated. I saw a huge clump of rosaries, towels, watered bottle, even calculators and white uniforms arranged to the fore. It was my first time to be there and I have never expected to see such crowd and patronization.

It has been a Filipino tradition and devotion to see such sacred places. Significant places which resemble and show distinct holiness and sacredness. This place served as a sanctuary for devotees especially to the Roman Catholics.

Cawayanon chapel
front view of the altar
Not only this particular church, but there are a number of churches, and landmarks in the Philippines visited by Filipinos for its spiritual and sacred intentions thus in connection, amidst the growing and advancement of technology, it is has been a unique quality of us Filipinos to continue our spiritual traditions in every way possible. Celebrating fiestas, feasts, and rituals has always been ever special and respected at present times.


Landmarks, events, native norms and traditions – these have been the entities that have been shaping who we are right now. May we continue to respect and commemorate these events amidst our busy and demanding present lives. As a student, a professional, a parent or other commoners like me – these are the roots of our tradition and faith. These have molded us through time, and we are grateful that it is steadfast and withstood the challenges and derisions it encountered and still has reached us today.

-Ad maiorem Dei gloriam-