Wrapping up my 2015

Happy Holidays everyone!

This year has been a ride for everyone. Some may say this has been a great year for them, while some it may be on the down side – the opinion lies within each individual. So for this last article for this year, I would love to share my adventure throughout this year. I am going to wrap it up using my words, for this year has been giving me great rides.

Does anybody feel as if it was just like yesterday that 2015 has begun? I could still remember how I packed up some shirts to wear for a mass on the 24th of December. Then 5 minutes before midnight of the 31st , everybody is ready to light their firecrackers as we embrace the year 2015.


2015 was my most busiest, yet productive year ever! I was about to finish my college by the end of March. It was a tough ride – not only for me, but also to my fellow colleagues. All the nights we spent studying for the final exams and all the coffee I drank from four (4) different coffee shops in the city. We have surely burned the midnight oil for us to be able to achieve what we want – to graduate.

Next, graduation was up! We did it! For four (4) long years we made it! It was one of our great achievements that we have survived college. All the hard-work and sacrifices have paid off. On the other hand, it was both a personal goal and relationship goal for me and my girlfriend – Rosenblum Legaspi (search her up! :D). We have been through almost everything in school, from studying, hospital duties, having fun with friends, soccer games, and much other stuff.

Me and my Rosen :)

Next stop this year was our Nursing Licensure Exam. Approximately 2 months after our graduation, I and Rosen gambled to take the board exam earlier. This is unorthodox to what others usually do. To cut the long story short – we made it again! We passed the Licensure Exam – another seemingly a relationship goal again as to what the social media calls it. We were license nurses here in the Philippines and got our ID’s (1) one month after the result has been posted.

The two (2) paragraphs alone make it seems to be easy and smooth but In fact, these paragraphs consists a lot of sacrifices, happy, sad, full of anxiety moments. Moments which when I relinquish in my mind makes me want to pat my back and say “good job Stephen, you did it”.

When the year was about to end, my adolescence stage has slowly faded away as my 21st birthday has arrived. Transition, accomplishments and change sums up my 2015.

Now that 2015 is going to leave us for good soon, may we always remember to thank the people who surround us all year round. The people who have inspire us to do the unthinkable, the people who have made us smile and made us who we are for the next few years ahead.

Retreat to what we have learned from this year and keep eyeing on our goals for the 2016.




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