Proper Etiquettes when attending a Mass

As a Catholic and a Christian it is our primary goal to “be like” and follow the ways of Jesus Christ – thus the word “Christ” in the word Christian was derived. The sacraments represent the seven (7) significant deeds Jesus Christ has done which at present we continually follow and practice.


The Sacrament of the Eucharist is one of a Christian sacrament which commemorates the last supper by consecrating the bread and wine. This is usually done during a mass. But of course there can be multiple sacraments present in one (1) mass.

Thus, attending to a mass is indeed a very important and solemn practice of our faith as Christians. In connection, these are the few lists of way to participate and are expected from us in a mass:


  1. Dress well, dress with good intention

A priest once told me during one of our retreat – “we dress lavishly when we attend a friend’s party. At least wear something nice when we face our Creator”. We should not go to church to “dress to impress”. Our intention is not to attract men or women. But to be presentable as we enter HIS house.


  1. Be an Early Bird

Always arrive few minutes earlier than the scheduled time of the mass. This helps you cool down, and gives you time to empty oneself from the distractions of the world. If we want to offer ourselves, then we should have a good preparation of ourselves.


  1. Remove your Gadgets

The solemnity of the celebration is a collective effort, and it will definitely start within us. Turn off your cellular phones during the whole duration of the mass. A tiny effort yet brings a huge impact to one’s experience.


  1. Pray and Sing along

A prayer being sung is like praying twice. Be participative during the mass and try to sing as the prayers are being sung. And on the other hand – it keeps you awake!


  1. Listen to the Readings and Homily

The Homily is one of the important parts of the mass. We should not only attend  the mass, but also listen to what it tries to teach us. As the priest imparts his lessons about the gospel, try to reflect on what it meant to you.


  1. To give and not to count the cost

The amount you give, doesn’t justify how generous you are. A 100 pesos from a rich man compared to another man who gives 20 pesos, which is all he had in his wallet, is far more significant than the 100 pesos from the rich man who has millions in his bank. “If you give and it doesn’t hurt – then it is not generosity”.


  1. Receive Communion

The rings of bell you hear during the mass as the priest raises the bread and wine is to “alert” the people that they are facing the bread and wine which signifies the body and blood of Christ through Transfiguration. Thus, receiving these gifts is like receiving Christ. This is the most important part of the mass, thus we should never leave the church without receiving one.


  1. Wait for the Final Blessing

Some individuals never wait for the final blessing. Though the Communion is the main event during a mass, we should always patiently wait before the priest gives the final blessing.

You always wait for the “End Credits” of a MARVEL movie, but you can’t wait to finish the whole duration of a mass?


  1. Give thanks

Never forget to say gratitude on everything you have. That is essential.



ad Majorem dei Gloriam


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