Just a glimpse: ANDROID vs IOS

Since the year 2007, when iPhone was first introduced to the masses, the advent in the advancement of mobile phones commence. The rise of different mobile competitors rose in the market including the old play makers – Samsung, HTC, LG, Blackberry, Nokia and the new ones like – Lenovo, Huawei, Mii, etc. The Apple company led by the late Steve Jobs, really place a high bar of standard on how a smart phones should be – Quality over quantity, function over looks. On the other hand, competitors tries to outshines each other: on battery life, size of phone, quality of screen resolution, camera, and the operating system itself. Well there are two major mobile Operating system in the market today. The Android, which is used by most mobile companies, and the infamous IOS solely for Apple. Which is better then?


People usually connotes Android to Samsung ( because Samsung is the most famous one that is known using Android ecosystem on their mobile phones). But please refrain this, in lieu for everybody’s information Android is a software technology bought by Google in the early 2000’s. It has never been useful yet in the mobile phone genre before, yet now, it is the biggest operation system considering a number of mobile companies are using it. The owner of Android now is Google. Companies like Samsung, LG, and HTC are paying Google to let them use the Android operating system on their products. (Correct me if i’m wrong).

  • Customizability

Android surely wins this part. Customizability, lets users customize their phones whatever what they want it to be, from the home screen look, tabs, icons, themes, and etc. Android gives users the freedom to do this – which is one of the main reason this Operating system clicked to the masses. On the contrary, IOS of Apple does give you only limited tweaks. For instance, the tiles are fixed , the wallpaper can be change , but thats it, and few others. Android fives user the liberty to do these, which make the operating system, so much “personal”.

  • Safety

Oh, no one beats Apple’s IOS. If safety against virus, hackers, bugs, or if privacy is your priority, Apple will always win. It is their pride and glory. Even on their Macs and Macbooks, it is surely even safer compared to the Windows PC – i bet, you can’t start using your PC without an Anti-virus installed in it. On the other hand, Android is flooded with bugs and all of these unwanted stuffs – especially on their app store. The Android operating system can even be illegally copied, thus the beginning of CLONE phones – that you can’t even recognize the difference of the original and the clone. Yet in IOS? You will never see a clone close to copying to ios. It is the most stable and safe so far.

  • Consistency

Have you ever cross in your mind that the features of Android phones differ from one company to the other. For example : Samsung has recently have curve displays, the LG has recently have 4K screens, the Huawei have their fingerprint sensor on the back of their phones, but in the end they all have an Android operating system yet a different kind of Experience on each phone – it is not consistent. On the contrary, the IOS has only IPHONE, and that’s it! To place emphasis for example: the the texting or calling style of IOS on IPHONE is the same, from the old versions like iPhone 3g, 4, 4s, 5, 5s, up until now, the rules, the function and icon is the same. Which means, transition of one iPhone to the other is not a difficult task using it, because you don’t need to relearn a new set of format or system. Unlike Android, it changes – Samsungs’ swipe left is the magazine menu, while on HTC it may be different feature. That is also why Apple’s IOS is easier to understand. Well experience of a phone is a subjective view, but in general, this is the bottom line.

  • Price

 Theres no arguing on this. IOS is expensive and exclusive. If the software can be bought by other companies, maybe we’ll have a Samsung on an IOS software. But it’s not, IOS is not shared with other companies.

  • Speed

Speed of an operating system can’t be messured just by the naked eye of a person, or based on personal experience. Let me share a little fact about the speed of each respectively. If you are an avid tech fan like me, you can always read, and hear some people complaining how Apple keeps releasing lower specs phone compared to its competitors. For example: Apple’s iPhone 6 has 1 Gb of Ram and has only dual core (ram and cores are like in lay mans term, the brain of the phone which dictates on how fast and multitask it can do). Compare it to its competitor Samsung Galaxy S6 which has 4 Gb of ram, Octa-cores, yet why iPhone is still blazing fast? That which it can still compete with these huge core phones and large Rams. The secret is on the operating system. Samsung long before the Galaxy line up was released, has really had a hard time speeding up their products, that even an iPhone 4’s speed can still compete to the recent form of Android devices. This is because Android is a heavy software, it is a great software though, with great customizability, and unique features that can be tweaked, but it need a fast processor and a huge ram to experience the best of it. On the other hand, iPhone’s IOS, is fast even on just an average processor, because it is stable, fast, and reliable. I don’t know how they engineered it, but it does a fluid work. Now imagine if iPhone place a great specs to come with a clean fast software, which they had done already on iPhone 6 (64-bit chip) – the result is blazing fast!
Many people will be enraged by this, many will also agree. I KNOW, because arguments like this specially on social media is a never ending roller coaster. Android fans have their own reasons, IOS fanboys have also their own stand. The entries written above was based on experience, research through reviews on the web and on reliable sources.
There are still many areas which were not included, but i am always open to opinions and suggestions. Comment down below! I would love to hear from you guys ! Your genuine feedback is much appreciated.


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