Airports: Saddest and Happiest place on earth

The hardest words is to say goodbye. A farewell to someone you love, or someone you hold dear. You can’t help but to cry everything out, trying to express the worst feeling your heart is trying to say.

Today, June 30, 2016 marked the day of her travel going back to Canada. Thus i consider Airports as the Saddest and Happiest place in the planet – and today i have experienced the sad part of it.

Saying goodbyes has never been easy. Few days before the scheduled departure, you’re trying to keep the sorrow you’re feeling. Trying to be jolly and happy – masking the inevitable sadness as she leaves you.

Trying to be the strong one, doing the usual things you used to do – like laughing at none sensed moment, or just a mere holding of hands wherever you go. I am trying to do all of this when i still can. When I am still near you.

To my dearest, you know i am the stronger one, i am the resilient and the brave between the two of us. But today i realized i was all of this because of you. Now that your traveling on the other side of the globe – where my day is your night and your night is my day, i feel “less” whithin me. 

I am happy i married you – it would act as a repellent to guys out there. 

I will love you here, hoping you could feel it there. I will take care of both families, and anyone you hold dear in here. I will always let our LOVE be my greatest aim. Till we meet again soon. It’s not that i will never see you – it is just that i will miss you and everything about you and about US.

I LOVE YOU, and i will see you soon. Maybe on an Airport. 

And on that day i will see you again – it will be the Happiest place on earth.


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