She’s leaving soon

She’s leaving soon. I stumbled upon my old pile of papers – and found a green booklet she had given me when we were still in college. Flipping through the pages, remarkably feeling like i was time travelling. Every leaf tells a story back two years ago, of a journal of our every day’s activities together. We both knew this time will come, back almost four years ago when i first laid eye on her. I’m reading this booklet while she is still here, yet I couldn’t bare thinking that i might find myself doing this again In the near future, but then she won’t be here. The nostalgia that i may feel, and as manly as my manliness can go – I might cry, and again if i will weep at that moment – she had already left. 

She’s leaving soon but her heart will stay with me. Likewise, she will bring my warmth on the other side of this world – where my day is her night, and her night is my day. Maybe the longest years of our lives, an agonizing year without her. We always tell each other – “let love be our greatest aim”, it has always been our mantra since the beginning of US. Now, i guess our greatest aim is to be on each others arms again. 

The clock’s ticking, yet i will make every moment count. Each day will be a day as if it were our last. Back four years ago, when i first saw this girl – it was fortuitous. I am at great joy to have her. She was apt to leave soon, but just hang on still because i will reunite with you. In lieu, i will be thinking of her, in fact – there will be no day of which you will not pass my mind. 

We will see again – i promise. And when that day will come, i will embrace her just like the way i will when she will leave. And that would be the moment that I’m looking forward to.


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