Hands down, Barbecue Station’s barbecue is by far the best Barbecue in CDO.

No fancy advertisement or events, just quality product.

What started as just a side vendor by divisoria, BBQ station grew into a multi-branch family restaurant. However, the journey wasn’t so easy, the owners drew hardships as they tried to establish their product. But as the years go by, its popularity grew due to its juicy, tender and delicious barbecues. The sought after tender, juicy bbq meat is marinated from the secret family recipe. You could even live just by eating their sauce with rice. At present it has 10 branches strategically located around Cagayan de Oro.



Their Barbecues has been everyones favorite especially among the students. It is a perfect meal for parties, birthdays or any types of celebration. Although the taste may seem like it came from a 5 star restaurant, the price is actually very affordable and suits the masses. For only 15 Pesos, you could already find heaven on a piece of stick.

For orders:
Please visit any BBQ STATION branch in the city. Or call them !

Dial: 0906-678-2222 for orders.


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