Xavier Days Recap

For the past years, Xavier University have been commemorating its seemingly like “anniversary” through festive celebration – called by many as “Xavier Days’. This year’s theme, Xavier Our Common Home, tries to remember that the University’s Premises has been the battle ground of a great number of individuals scattered around the world – and at least even just for few days in a year, we come together as a community to celebrate our origins.

Photo Courtesy to “Crusader Publication”


The “Xavier Days” celebration has been one of the most sought for events in the University. Booths are built throughout the campus; festive lights were hanged around – commencing also the advent of Christmas. Thus every year, the University’s celebration brings the pace of Christmas spirit in the city.
Significantly, this year’s Xavier Days brought a considerable amount of people than last year’s event. This is on account of the great social media advertising of the organizers; for example the University’s official Publication team – the “Crusader”.
The Opening day started at 3pm, December 2, 2015. A sprinkle of rain at that moment didn’t halt the celebration, in lieu there was unexpected increase number of crowd even on opening day.


Photo Courtesy to “Crusader Publication”

This year, like every year – we are received by the Xavier’s Band and a mass. A full length of line in the CIT building for the horror house, and the movie showing on the soccer field which is a newly thought idea since Fr. Bobby sat as the president in the year 2012. And indeed the most awaited Rave party and fireworks display on the last day by the increasing “party people” of Cagayan de Oro city.
Well, we shouldn’t denote the increase of visitors to how “fun” the festival went, in fact to those who were here in this University for almost all of their “School Life” like me – could undeniably compare each Xavier Day for one year to the other.



  1. No JIGS this year – again
    Who will forget the vibe the JIGS(Jesuit Invitational Games) brought – especially back on Xavier University’s 74th and 75th year. Ateneo students from other part of the country come together at the same ground to celebrate with us through invitational games.
    Hand in hand – these games brings back the times when Xavier Day’s “FUN” starts the whole day round, unlike these present years where people decides to go only at night, because what can we expect during the day?
  2.  FAQ’s
    -A statement from an alumnus (around 1990’s) – “naay dula -basketball karon buntag?”
    -Alumnus (2000) – “unsay lingaw sa XU karon?”
    -Alumnus (2014) – “sa Gabie(evening) rata adto XU”
    -Alumnus (2015) – “Unsay movie ipa show this year?’
    -Alumnus (2014) – “sa Gabie(evening) raman lingaw ang XU days’
    -Alumnus (2007) – “walay JIGS?”
    -Alumnus (2015) – “what if dili ko ‘RAVE’ person?”


Photo Courtesy to “Crusader Publication”


In the end, let us not forget the true motive of having these Festivals every year. For 80 years and more, Xavier University has been moulding individuals. Such individuals whom we see in every corner in the world; contributing from simple to great deeds. This university is indeed the battle ground of every Filipino, an institution nurturing great young individuals to be men and women for others and great leaders. Thus it is of great importance for us to at least ones a year commemorate our origins through these celebrations we call “Xavier Days” and to come home, relive and share the experiences we have with our Alma Mater.

Ad Majorem de Gloriam



Photos in the article – Courtesy to “Crusader Publication





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