She’s not my Girlfriend anymore

I’m getting married.

And FYI: nobody’s pregnant **you judgmental people. HAHA.
It has been two(2) years since we first decide to get married after everything nursing career could offer.

Last year, just after passing our Local Board exam – we finally ask our parents permission to get married. Another year of long struggle of planning while also reviewing again for the NCLEX – finally the day has come!

We passed our NCLEX last May 8, 48 hours after we took the exam we got the results. Today May 19, 2016 – marked the day of the beginning of our union as a couple sealed with the blessing of God.

Second, the reason of our marriage is also due to the untimely return of my Rosen to Canada. Which in the first place she was already a citizen since she was still on Grade-school. This end of June, her inevitable return is already marked. Let’s face it, long distance relationship (LDR) is quite difficult. This marriage will aid the early reunion of us both through Canada’s Spousal sponsorship.

In comparison – her cousin who recently return from Canada, also got married 3 days before ours. **and nobody’s pregnant – you judgmental people HAHA.

Today, i’m getting married to the girl of my dreams. Everything was well planned of – from our career to our relationship. 

She won’t be my girlfriend anymore. But a partner to be, a wife, my happiness – my everything.


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