How to live in a “hotel” for the rest of your life

The increase of the human population throughout the past decade, prove to us how a living “Space” is quite a necessity nowadays. The boom in the area of infrastructure in any Metro city is also the beginning of utilization of our “air spaces”.  These including sky scrapers, and gigantic buildings – which are now few of the most sought after business in the modern era.

Hand in hand, the individuals whose livelihoods are found on the urban areas – seeks shelter near the vicinity of their jobs. The convenience of having a nearby living space plays a big factor in the market and the people needing it.

Last May 14, 2016 – marked the Top-Off ceremony of one (1) of the condominiums which is about to rise here in Cagayan de Oro city. S.M.A.R.T. Condominium located in Fr. Masterson Avenue, fronting Phase-I Xavier Estates Subdivision is opting to rise in the near end this year.

It said to boast the qualities of:

S–Safety, M–Money’s worth investment, A–Affordable Luxury, R–Relaxing Lifestyle, and T–Technology.

Though the letters’ M and A’s meaning is quite redundant already. The investors of the said condominium promised to have a luxurious experience with a good touch of modern technology but in an affordable/reasonable price! Packed with SAMSUNG’s latest gadgets and modern security facility – this is surely a way-to-go to all tech savvies out there seeking home in middle of the city.

Considering the size of this condominium, this is not as huge as some of the rising condominiums here in the city – such as the Ayala Condominium, and the One Oasis by Filinvest. Thus the SMART Condominium is comparable to a “hotel” – which is smaller than your average condominium but packed with luxury touch and high-end techs.

The boom of the city’s economy led to the continuing progress and rise of various infrastructures. The need of an affordable living space is must have in today’s demanding environment.  Living on hotels, studio type apartments and condominiums is the “IN” of this present time.

Therefore, choosing one should fit the individual’s need, and one’s buck.



For more information of SMART Condominium, please visit their Facebook page, of visit their site Uptown Cagayan de Oro city, Msgr. Masterson Avenue – fronting Xavier Estates Phase-I where transactions can be settled faster.





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