My voting experience

Today May 9, 2016, commence the advent of the Philippine Election. After years under the Aquino administration, the time has come to choose new government officials in the Philippines.

I woke up early today – earlier than the last election. I have learned my lesson and that is – “the earlier you vote the better!” We arrived at our designated precinct at exactly six (6) in the morning. Our humble community is still at tranquil state. I experienced a hassle free travel from home to my precinct – Indeed a perfect time to vote.

In my whole lifetime, this election would be my second time voting. Compared to the previous, this year’s election has a great impact towards me. The advancement and the great influence of Social Media paved the way to this seemingly “roller coaster” ride election.

I arrived at my designated classroom and a woman looked through my records – including my name and precinct number. Next, she gave me a long piece of paper which is the exact ballot where I will be shading my vote. I grabbed the wooden chair in the corner, and carefully opened my marker – trying not to vandalize my voting paper. After I have finished shading the ballot, I approached the point person on the front desk and inserted my ballot to the “Vote counting machine” (VCM) where it is about to read my ballot. A piece of so-called receipt has come out and the volunteer cut it out for me to have my final check before I will be leaving it to a small ballot box. Lastly, a drop of indelible ink into my index finger, indicating I have official voted.

Well, that was quite a breeze – evident of course because I have arrived early than the others. By around eight (8) in the morning, a flock of people has arrived. I am sure there are millions of Filipinos in the country who has a worse experience to tell.

Vote buying is still evident. In fact, someone approached me for one!

I hoped everyone have voted, not only because Starbucks has announced a free drink but because as a citizen – it is our right and responsibility to vote.

Voting is an act of being a responsible citizen. An act of unity amongst men in this nation.


What’s your voting experience? share it us – comment down below!

I would love to hear from you!



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