When I was a kid – I hated Sundays. It is the day of the week that tries to tell me – “hey! Tomorrow’s Monday, back to schoooool!” Every Sunday, our community is plaque with silence. Some were asleep – “Siesta” they say and some were drinking hot coffee on the afternoon while watching the cloud’s sky pass by.

Sunday is when I wake up early to catch up church’s 8:00AM mass. Nothing’s really exciting during Sundays – that’s why I dread it before. Everyone is available in my Sunday – it is the day of the week when we could really be together and bond. In the 21st century – individuals seems to be busier than before – or maybe I’m just getting older.  My Sundays now are filled with work and responsibilities. “Siesta” has become a want and attaining one would be a-dream-come-true. There were times how I wish; I have lived my Sundays to the fullest staying with my bed or spending more time with my family.

Generativity versus Stagnation. The world seems to be more competitive than before and everything seems to be on a fast pace. Let’s always bring back the traditions and the things we love within our grasp and amidst life’s challenges – may we still aim to recollect and find the “Sunday” everyone used to have.


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