Favorite TV hosts

This list includes my all time favorite TV host personalities.

  1. Jimmy Fallon 

Let’s start with my Top 5 most favorite. This spot belongs to Jimmy Fallon. An Emerging host of this generation – the TV host of the late night talk show “The Tonight Show”. He started from a humble beginning before he joined and started his career at the infamous comedy show call the “Saturday Night Live”. He can sing, act, and he has made a number of hilarious skits which I fond to watch before.  Search him up! Especially on YouTube, which also you can find the other 4 TV hosts I will be listing below.

  1. James Corden 

The New TV host of the “The Late Late Show” and also one of the actors of the movie “Into the woods” – this British man has the talent of singing in his blood. His early career started at Broadway. Corden is a talent worth watching for his sheer likability, musical and comedy talent, and genuine love of culture, pop and otherwise. Try to watch his videos – it is undeniably endearing, energetic and star studded hour of television.


  1. Ellen Degeneres 


Down to Top 3! And it’s Ellen! Who doesn’t know Ellen? The “Ellen Degeneres Show” is the funniest talk show ever, long before the two (2) jimmy and james. She tickles the funny bone and doesn’t crack a smile while you are dying from laughing. She started as a stand-up comedian, and her success story as she climbs up to success is surely something inspiring. Every show she have is something worth watching.

  1. Jimmy Kimmel 

Jimmy Fallon used to be my Top 1. His jokes are funny and genuine. I have been watching him for years now. His humor seems to come out genuinely – not scripted, not forced. He sometimes have guest interviews which he handles with fluency – I really find it hard to be as spontaneous as he is. Really a show and host that is must watch!


  1. Conan O’Brien 

My new all time favorite and Top 1 on this list! Conan O’Brien! Words are not enough to describe how outrageous the humor of this guy! Search him up in YouTube and few of his skits which garners millions of views. You will surely love his show like I do!


Tell me who are your favorites! comment down below! Let us know! :D

Search them up on YouTube! Here are the links:
















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