Smart Bro’s Hottest Deal this Summer! 4G Pocket WiFi P888

“Fall in Love, Stay in Love – and it will decide everything” – Fr. Pedro Arrupe SJ

What drives you to wake up every day?

The advancement of technology and the improvement of society’s way of interacting with each other have paved individuals’ ways to communicate to each other. Which means Love is just around the corner for everyone. Every person has the same exact chance to find someone whom someday he/she could call “mine” with the help of these medium.

Yet amidst all the aid technology could give – Love is still a Phenomenon that is considered to be #HardtoGets. Even a five or a ten years relationship could still experience trials and obstacles along the way – which on the other hand  – a month old relationship might have worked better.

Love is a limitless. It is part of our book of life, like a “page number” – found on every sheet and we pass on it every now and then without knowing. You ask me what’s the #HardtoGets in life?

That would be finding someone to LOVE.  It is frightening, but thrilling.

I have been in a relationship for almost 5 years now. This number of year will make every parent out there roll their eyes that have experienced ten or more. Our relationship is what all could say as like a rollercoaster – sometimes it’s up, sometimes it’s down but overall it’s fun and amazing! Simply something #HardtoGet, hard to find, hard to comply and hard to maintain – but worth everything.

Few months from now – she’s about to leave. Flew she go to the Hockey Land of Canada! We may experience few months in a long distance relationship (hopefully) before we would be able to see again.

Good thing SmartBro is now more affordable than before! Now as low as P888, it is already preloaded with 150MB connect up to 10 devices and best paired with SurfMax 85, communication anytime and anywhere around the world is within reach. This is surely HOTTEST and BEST DEAL this summer! Speed is Might! With its new 4G coverage, a good old talk with your loved ones like I do will surely brings you closer.

If there’s a will, there’s a way! Grab it now!

Let love be the reason on everything we do. LOVE is #HardtoGetPhenom” – yet worth waking up everyday, worth everything.

“Para kanino ka gumigising?” 





More information of the product here:

4G Pocket WiFi SRP: P888

Preload: 150MB valid for 30 days

Speed: Up to 12 Mbps

Connections: up to 10 devices

Benefits of a Smart Bro 4G Pocket Wifi:

  • WiFi for sharing – Share one Internet connection among family and friends so you can all surf together.
  • Multi-gadget connection – Connect your tablet, smartphone, laptop, and more! Your Smart Bro Pocket WiFi can provide WiFi to up to 10 of your devices.
  • Mobility – Bring Internet connection anywhere you go so you’re always online.
  • Powered by the largest broadband connection – Enjoy ultra-fast speeds powered by multiple cell sites all over the country.

Buy 4G Pocket WIFI via Smart Online Store:
Subscribe to Surfmax85 via Smart Online Store:






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