Brace yourself Election day is comming.

Time flew so fast, and Election days has come again. I could still remember last election when social media plays only a minimal part compared how influential it is at present. And since i am 6 years more mature than the last election, i am much aware of how politics has maneuvered and affects our daily lives today. 

Front runner City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, Senator Grace Poe, DILG secretary “Mar” Roxas, City Mayor Jejomar Binay, and Senator Defensor Santiago are our this year’s meal. 
Ironically, election days creates division between every Filipino citizen to elect a President who is in-charge to unite this archipelago. 

Social media such Facebook has flooded with posts bashing the opposing force – trying to convince each other that their presidential bet reigns supreme than the other. 
I don’t like to beat around the bush – and to cut the chase – i would like to gracefully ask for everyones patience. 
Please wait patiently till the Election day has come. When and where you could finally exercise your right to vote. 

Second, if you are so eager to support this candidate of yours – then please do! Rather than bashing other candidates. 
Be vigilant, be honest, and choose wisely! 

And remember: “Cheer, do not Jeer”
Have a nice day everyone !


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