A time honored Filipino Tradition

We packed our stuffs, brought a litre of water and few stuffs for our destination. Cagayan de Oro has its busy streets and sky rocketing malls but now, we are retreating from that scenery and will be going to a church found at the foot of Bukidnon – Cawayanon Church. This church only opens during the first Wednesday and Friday of the month. And when the church’s doors open itself to the public, a crowd will surely huddle to be there to pay respect, pray and ask for blessing.

Cawayanon church - Manolo Fortich Bukidnon
Cawayanon church – Manolo Fortich Bukidnon
Last May 2015 we went here – on its first Wednesday. Back then, it was 30 days left till our National Licensure Exam in Nursing. It was not only us who have thought on going there on that day. On that very day, a large crowd of nursing board takers gathered at the church to ask for blessing and guidance. We brought our exam folder, pencils, ball pens and even our review papers. We positioned our stuffs in front of the altar of which arrays of things from other people were also situated. I saw a huge clump of rosaries, towels, watered bottle, even calculators and white uniforms arranged to the fore. It was my first time to be there and I have never expected to see such crowd and patronization.

It has been a Filipino tradition and devotion to see such sacred places. Significant places which resemble and show distinct holiness and sacredness. This place served as a sanctuary for devotees especially to the Roman Catholics.

Cawayanon chapel
front view of the altar
Not only this particular church, but there are a number of churches, and landmarks in the Philippines visited by Filipinos for its spiritual and sacred intentions thus in connection, amidst the growing and advancement of technology, it is has been a unique quality of us Filipinos to continue our spiritual traditions in every way possible. Celebrating fiestas, feasts, and rituals has always been ever special and respected at present times.


Landmarks, events, native norms and traditions – these have been the entities that have been shaping who we are right now. May we continue to respect and commemorate these events amidst our busy and demanding present lives. As a student, a professional, a parent or other commoners like me – these are the roots of our tradition and faith. These have molded us through time, and we are grateful that it is steadfast and withstood the challenges and derisions it encountered and still has reached us today.

-Ad maiorem Dei gloriam-


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